Processes & Policies

Add/Drop Courses

How to add or drop a class and discerning when it is the right decision.

Change College

Changing Colleges is a significant decision that should be made with the advice of your advising dean

Credit Policies

How credits from testing, activities, and equivalent courses are handled towards your degree requirements


How to change the listing of a cross-listed course

Dean's List

The Dean's List represents the top 30% of students in a college

Declare/Change Major

How to declare or change your major

Dual Degree

The Dual Degree allows students to pursue majors in both engineering and arts and letters.

Final Exams

Policies for the scheduling and administration of final exams

Foreign Language Requirement

Students in Arts and Letters are required to reach intermediate proficiency in a foreign language.

Honor Code Violation Hearings

The College of Arts and Letters has an Honesty Committee in place to hear alleged Honor Code violations

Internship Credit

How to obtain internship credit.

Leave of Absence

A leave of absence may be granted for personal, medical, or study purposes for no more than two semesters in a row.


Overloading is when you take more than 18 credits per semester; the usual course load is 17.

Part-Time Status

Part-time status is defined as fewer than 12 credit hours per semester and is reserved for seniors in their final semester.


With permission, juniors and seniors may take one non-major, non-required elective course each semester on a pass/fail grading basis.


Policies for ROTC courses.

Study Abroad Approval

How to study abroad.

Summer Studies

Policies for taking courses during the summer.

Transfer Credit

A student who wishes to receive credit for a course taken at another institution must receive pre-approval.


Policies for withdrawing from the University.

X Grade

An X grade grants a limited extension to submit work disrupted by an emergency and/or extenuating circumstances.