Better representation on screen fosters brighter future

Digital culture scholar and Native American video game designer Ashlee Bird examines impact of video games

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Arizona gave families public money for private schools. Then private schools raised tuition

Dan Hungerman, an economics professor at the University of Notre Dame who has studied the impact of vouchers on private school finances, noted that the Heritage report’s main finding lacked the common elements of rigorous academic research: statistical significance and standard error.

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Can you solve it? How cut-throat are you? The ruthless pursuit of power

Today’s puzzle concerns a group of five power-hungry schemers who are all desperate to become the top boss. Your task will be to work out how the person of lowest status can triumph above all the others. The puzzle is a new variant of what are often called “pirate-division” problems, and was written by Joel David Hamkins, who is currently the O’Hara Professor of Logic at the University of Notre Dame and was previously Professor of Logic at the University of Oxford.

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