At the forefront of fields as wide-ranging as development economics, philosophy of religion, quantitative psychology, and Shakespeare, Arts & Letters faculty members’ original research and creative endeavors are central to Notre Dame’s ambitions to become the world’s preeminent Catholic research university.

There’s no place like Notre Dame when it comes to research, as we’re the only Catholic school ranked in the top 20 national research institutions and the only religiously affiliated member of the American Association of Universities. And there’s no place like Arts & Letters when it comes to research, as our faculty have won more National Endowment for the Humanities fellowships over the past 25 years than any other private university.

The liberal arts have been the heart and soul of the University since its founding, and our faculty continue that long legacy by advancing knowledge across the disciplines with an unwavering commitment to be a powerful force for good in the world.

And in the classroom and through conversation, they’re teaching graduate and undergraduate students to become researchers as well, helping them develop as lifelong learners and thought leaders.

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Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts

A rarity in higher education, the College’s Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts is devoted to catalyzing faculty members’ scholarly or creative endeavors through awarding internal funding and helping secure and administer external fellowships and grants.

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Media Mentions

‘Politically homeless’ Latter-day Saints dissatisfied with 2024 candidates

That a Republican nominee for president is not gaining majority support from Latter-day Saints is significant, says David Campbell, director of the Notre Dame Democracy Initiative. “This is a strongly Republican group,” Campbell said. “They should be strongly behind Trump, but they’re not.”

The US wants to decouple its military supplies from China – but can it?

Eugene Gholz, an associate professor of political science at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, said the US still had significant advantages, saying the relationship is “not equally dependent” as the US economy is more flexible and innovative, and it has access to more alternative suppliers than China.

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Dionne Brymyer

“Notre Dame is a wonderful place to creatively think about the world because of its commitment to developing the whole person. The institution in and of itself values not just STEM, not just math, but also the ways in which we think about cultivating the life of the human being. That’s really indicative in the ways that creative writing classes actually play out at Notre Dame.”

— Dionne Brymyer, associate professor of English
Novelist and PEN/Faulkner Award finalist

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Theodore Beauchaine 1

“Our field is ever evolving — the advances made in the past 10 years are remarkable, and we can’t foresee what we will know in the next 10 years. And that’s so exciting. One of the things that keeps me coming to work every day at Notre Dame is the hope that I can contribute in a unique way to alleviating the pain that’s facing children and families throughout the United States.”

— Theodore Beauchaine, the William K. Warren Foundation Professor of Psychology
Director of primary prevention, Notre Dame Suicide Prevention Initiative

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Ulrich Lehner

“The quest and the pursuit of truth is at the core of a Catholic university. And the ability to pursue truth with so many stellar colleagues from all different disciplines, from different worldviews and persuasions, is the really attractive thing about Notre Dame. Despite all our differences, despite our disciplinary boundaries, we share a common vision in that pursuit for truth.”

—Ulrich Lehner, the William K. Warren Foundation Professor of Theology

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Chloe Gibbs

“I’ve felt very supported in seeking resources, partnerships, and opportunities for my research, in large part because the questions I’m interested in align with the University’s desire to pursue human flourishing, to see everything reach their fullest potential. The mission-driven aspect of being in a place like Notre Dame bolsters my enthusiasm and makes me feel like I’m in the right place to do this type of work.”

— Chloe Gibbs, assistant professor of economics
Senior economist, White House Council of Economic Advisors

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