X Grade

An X grade is “given with the approval of the student's dean in extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the student” (Undergraduate Academic Code, § 3.3.8). Extenuating circumstances are considered to be acute, unforeseen personal or medical emergencies that occur at the end of the semester (usually within the final two weeks) and which prevent a student from completing the final assignment(s) or exam of a course. An X grade grants a limited extension to submit work disrupted by the emergency.

The deadline for submitting academic work accommodated under an X-grade extension will be established by the undergraduate dean in consultation with the course instructor. “The Registrar converts an X grade to an ‘F’ if the grade is not otherwise resolved within 30 days after the beginning of the next semester.” (Undergraduate Academic Code, § 3.3.8)

Assignment of an X grade requires (1) supporting documentation, (2) permission of the faculty member, and (3) approval of the student’s undergraduate dean.

If you encounter an extenuating circumstance as described above, please contact your undergraduate dean as soon as possible. X-grade requests often require consultation with Sara Bea Accessibility Services and the submission and evaluation of care-provider documentation. X grades cannot be granted retroactively near or after the grade submission deadline.