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Foreign Language Week returns to Notre Dame from Feb. 11–19, celebrating language learning and cultural engagement

The LaFortune Ballroom came alive last year during Foreign Language Week 2022 with the smell of food, the beating of drums, the sound of music, and the grace of the dancers from different cultures. Events transported attendees  to different parts of the world, from graceful and elegant classical Chinese dance to the energetic and lively Irish jig performance. Foreign Language Week (FLW) is making a return this year, starting on Saturday, Feb. 11, with a special Chinese New Year celebration, and more than 90 other events across campus celebrating different languages and cultures from around the globe. 

Design for emergency: Notre Dame professor partners with international team to explore how to help communities prepare for disasters

Clinton Carlson, an associate professor of visual communication design at the University of Notre Dame, is exploring how design can help communities better prepare and respond when disaster strikes. With funding from a Notre Dame International grant, Carlson launched an initiative called Design for Emergency, which hosted a series of workshops on campus. The first two sessions explored issues related to food security in a crisis — including how to prevent the hoarding of staples like milk, eggs, and toilet paper and the subsequent supply chain issues that ensue.

Political scientist and graduate student's research finds voter ID laws mobilize voters in both parties, rather than sway election results

In a study recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Jeffrey Harden, the Andrew J. McKenna Family Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science and concurrent associate professor in the Department of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics, and Alejandra Campos, a third-year graduate student in the political science doctorate program, found that voter ID requirements motivated supporters of both parties equally to comply and participate, but had little overall effect on the actual outcomes of the elections.

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