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A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE: Supporting Students with NVLD

Next, our experts explore the scope of nonverbal learning disability and provide interventional strategies that support children's success. Dr. Joshua Diehl is an associate teaching professor in the Psychology Department at the University of Notre Dame. His areas of expertise include neurodevelopmental disorders, intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, child psychopathology, and neurodiversity. His primary focus is on neurodevelopmental disorders with an emphasis on individuals with autism spectrum disorder and their families.

Opinion | How Trump fills a void in an increasingly secular America

The scholar David Campbell of the University of Notre Dame told the Associated Press, “Increasingly, Americans associate religion with the Republican Party — and if they are not Republicans themselves, they turn away from religion.” 

The transformative power of the liberal arts

With 20 departments across the humanities, arts, and social sciences, the College of Arts & Letters is home to exceptional faculty and talented students who are studying what they love. It's an environment to ask big questions, read classic texts, and explore languages and cultures.

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Explore master’s and Ph.D. programs in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

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Cindy Bergeman And Student Pointing At Lab Sheet


Our faculty are a force for good, advancing human understanding through research.

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