Study Abroad Approval

Studying abroad should complement your academic curriculum at the University of Notre Dame by connecting courses offered in the off-campus program with your major(s)/minor(s) and by engaging you in learning and cultural-immersion opportunities beyond the classroom.

Study abroad programs are available for a full academic year, fall, spring, and summer. In addition to Notre Dame International (NDI) sponsored study abroad programs, foreign language study abroad summer grants are available through the Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures.

How to Select a Study Abroad Program

  1. Research the Notre Dame International (NDI) website for locations, programs, and language requirements.

  2. Consider the following:

  • Relevance to your foreign language study.

  • Relevance to your academic interests, including majors, supplementary majors, and minors.

  • Research opportunities: libraries, special collections, archives, etc.

  • Cultural opportunities: museums, art galleries, theaters, etc.

  • Service and volunteering opportunities.

  • Professional development opportunities: internships.

  • Plan your course of study. Check the NDI lists of courses abroad.

Requesting Dean’s Approval

In early September, all Arts and Letters sophomores will receive an email from the AL Office for Undergraduate Studies outlining the process and deadlines for obtaining DUS (major advisor) and undergraduate dean (college advisor) approval for your study abroad applications. Please be sure to read this email carefully and complete each step in order.

Course Approval Process

If not already preapproved, students must seek pre-approval for classes taken abroad from the appropriate departments. Departments assign course numbers with the exception of courses that have no departmental equivalent (e.g., interdisciplinary classes). In cases where a department approves a course and assigns a number, the department will determine whether the course meets a major or minor requirement.

If a student has not received pre-approval for a particular class, the student may or may not receive credit for the class. Acceptance of credit is not guaranteed.

If a department does not assign a number for a course, your AL undergraduate deans will determine whether credit can be granted.

Study-Abroad Credit Conversion

Many of the universities which Notre Dame students attend while studying abroad operate on a credit system different from our own. As a result, various conversion ratios are applied when transferring credits earned at these institutions.