Arts and Letters students’ intellectual curiosity and passion for learning really does prepare them for limitless opportunity after graduation — but having so many choices can sometimes be a bit daunting. 

Beyond the Dome is designed to help A&L students discover their thing. This inclusive program will help you leverage the value of your liberal arts education and give you the tools and resources to prepare for whatever awaits you — a job, graduate school, or service work.

For inspiration, explore our alumni outcomes data and stories about how Notre Dame liberal arts graduates from all majors launched rewarding careers in a vast array of industries.

Beyond the Dome

Beyond the Dome is a toolkit of resources specially designed for Arts & Letters students in order for them to achieve career readiness. We think of careers broadly, in terms of all the places an A&L graduate might go after Notre Dame — full-time jobs, graduate or professional school, service programs, and more. Our goal is to enable students to leverage the value of their liberal arts education and understand how it can serve them well no matter which path they pursue.

Career Development Resources


97 percent of recent Arts and Letters graduates land full-time jobs, enroll in graduate school, enter service programs, join the military, or launch independent projects within six months of graduation. Notre Dame liberal arts students graduate knowing how to conduct research. They’ve developed strong analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills. And they’re prepared to apply their learning in real-world settings. That’s why they find such immediate success — and go on to flourish as leaders in a wide range of industries. 

Alumni Outcomes