Beyond the Dome is the bespoke career development program committed to helping College of Arts & Letters students achieve career success. As an Arts & Letters student, you will have exclusive access to a series of events and workshops that serve as professional experiences to help you discover your thing.

The career development process can be stressful, and Beyond the Dome is here to help. By engaging in our programming, students have the opportunity to interact with employers and members of the Notre Dame family to better understand who they are, what they’re passionate about, how powerful their liberal arts education is in the workforce, and how it all fits into finding career success.


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Peers 2 Careers, a student-led initiative of Beyond the Dome, is a powerful driving force toward instilling a sense of community among all Arts & Letters majors. Each dorm has two peer career mentors to help with everything from resume writing and cover letter reviews to advice on interviewing and networking. 

Meet our board, and find out more about how to tap into this network and take advantage of our exclusive programming.


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