An undergraduate student who at any time during an academic term wishes to withdraw from the University should contact her/his Advising Dean in the Arts and Letters Office for Undergraduate Studies (104 O’Shaughnessy Hall) to discuss the process and implications of this decision. To schedule an appointment, please call 631-7098. Advising Deans are assigned as follows:

  • Last name begins with A-E: Asst. Dean Collin Meissner
  • Last name begins with F-G: Asst. Dean Nicholas V. Russo
  • Last name begins with H-K: Asst. Dean Mary O'Callaghan
  • Last name begins with L-Q: Asst. Dean Darlene Hampton
  • Last name begins with R-Z: Asst. Dean Joseph B. Stanfiel
  • Any student majoring in NSBH or APH2: Asst. Dean Maureen Dawson (regardless of last name)

After meeting with her/his Advising Dean, a student requesting a withdrawal should:

  • meet with her/his assigned Care Consultant in the Division of Student Affairs and provide up-to-date contact information (phone, address, email)

Note: A student’s Notre Dame email account will be deactivated 60 days after withdrawal; emails, files, and other documents stored in Google should be backed-up elsewhere.

Though not required, a student withdrawing may also wish to meet with Financial Aid (Room 115 Main Bldg, 574-631-6436) and/or Student Accounts (Room 116 Main Bldg, 574-631-7113) to discuss financial implications.

A student who withdraws must apply for readmission in order to resume a course of study. If a student withdraws for health reasons and decides to reapply, the University will ask that her/his readiness to return and resume the pressures of academic life be evaluated by the University Counseling Center and/or University Health Services. This evaluation process requires information from the student as well as the licensed health professionals that have provided treatment during the withdrawal period.

Further information about withdrawals/separations may be found in Section 6 (pp.14-16) of the Undergraduate Academic Code.