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Office of Undergraduate Studies
Location: 104 O’Shaughnessy Hall, Notre Dame, IN 46556
Phone: 574.631.7098
Office Hours: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
Call for an appointment with your undergraduate dean.


Our team of assistant deans provides a range of services, including orientation, student advising, course scheduling, coordination of the transfer and readmission process, approval for study abroad, advising regarding course completion while abroad, and status certification of undergraduate degrees.

All students are assigned an assistant dean based on their last names. All pre-health and neuroscience and behavior majors in the College work with Dean Maureen Dawson

First Year Advising

First Year students in Arts & Letters are assigned individual advisors to help them navigate their transition to the University and the College. Contact information and appointment scheduling is available at First Year Advising, located in 104 O'Shaughnessy Hall.

Advising Deans

  1. Maureen Dawson Headhsot

    Maureen Dawson

    Assistant Dean, Office of Undergraduate Studies

    Pre-health or Neuroscience and Behavior majors

  2. Mary Flannery

    Mary Flannery

    Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies

  3. Darlene Hampton Headshot

    Darlene Hampton

    Assistant Dean, Office of Undergraduate Studies

    Students with last names L-Q

  4. Collin Meissner Headshot

    Collin Meissner

    Assistant Dean, Office of Undergraduate Studies

    Students with last names A–E

  5. Mary O Callaghan Headshot

    Mary O'Callaghan

    Assistant Dean, Office of Undergraduate Studies

    Students with last names H-K

  6. Nicholas Russo Headshot

    Nicholas Russo

    Assistant Dean, Office of Undergraduate Studies / Director of Advising

    Students with last names F-G

  7. Joseph Stanfiel Headshot

    Joseph Stanfiel

    Assistant Dean, Office of Undergraduate Studies

    Students with last names R–Z

Office Staff

  1. Jolene Bilinski Headshot

    Jolene Bilinski

    Administrative Assistant


  2. Darla Karafa Headshot

    Darla Karafa

    Administrative Assistant


  3. Lisa Suhanosky Headshot

    Lisa Suhanosky

    Administrative Assistant


Our Mission

To Serve, Educate, and Empower

The mission of the Office for Undergraduate Studies in the College of Arts & Letters at the University of Notre Dame is to:

  • serve as a resource for students and for offices in the College and across the University.
  • uphold and maintain the standards inherent in the Academic Code of Honor.
  • empower students to be lifelong, self-directed learners by mentoring students and encouraging them to explore opportunities in research, publication, international education and scholarship and to identify their strengths in considering potential career path.
  • meet students where they are in their respective life journeys.
  • lend encouragement as students progress toward their own life goals.
  • promote an appreciation of collegiate education as an opportunity for exploration, contemplation, and intellectual engagement by providing and directing students to resources.
  • work cooperatively with other campus entities to inspire students to develop ethical standards and values for life.

In sum, our overarching goal is to achieve unsurpassed excellence in the guidance and nurturing of undergraduate students during their intellectual and spiritual journeys as members of the Notre Dame community.