Final Exams

Final examinations can be administered to undergraduates only at the time and place stipulated in the official examination schedule. If final papers or projects are due during finals week, the due date must fall on the same day as the scheduled final examination for that class. Any exceptions to these policies must be approved by the chair of the department offering the course and reviewed by the dean (or the dean’s designee) of the college in which the course is listed.

Absence From Exams

Unexcused absences from a final examination will result in a student receiving a failing grade on that examination. The instructor and the dean (or the dean’s designee) of the college in which the student is enrolled will determine whether the cause of such absence was sufficient to permit administration of the final examination at a later time.

Exam Limits

No student shall be required to take more than two final examinations in one calendar day or more than three final examinations in a 24-hour period.

Exam Conflicts

In the event of a final examination conflict, either because of two final examinations being scheduled at the same time or because of circumstances such as those described in Exam Limits, conflicts are resolved by initiating a Final Exam Conflict eForm, available in eForms on the Monday after the last day to drop courses in each semester.

Key Forms