Degree Requirements


Graduation from Notre Dame’s College of Arts and Letters requires accumulating at least 122 degree-countable credit hours, which must include completion of all:

  • University requirements
  • College of Arts and Letters requirements
  • Requirements for at least one major

University Requirements:

  • Writing and Rhetoric: 1 course
  • Mathematics: 2 courses
  • Natural Science: 2 courses
  • History: 1 course
  • Social Science: 1 course
  • Theology: 2 courses
  • Philosophy: 2 courses
  • Fine Arts or Literature: 1 course
  • Moreau First Year Experience: 2 courses
  • University Seminar: 1 course

Read more about the University of Notre Dame's core curriculum.

Arts and Letters Requirements:

  • The College Seminar: 1 course
  • Language: 1–3 course(s) (more details)
  • History or Social Science: 1 course
  • Literature or Fine Arts: 1 course (whichever is not taken for the University requirement). Arts and Letters students are required to complete both a fine arts and a literature course
  • Major: 8-12 departmental approved courses

For a full description of all Arts and Letters degree requirements, please see the Bulletin of Information.

Unless special permission has been obtained from the Office for Undergraduate Studies, special studies and directed readings courses do not satisfy University or College requirements.