Honor Code Violation Hearings

The College of Arts and Letters has an Honesty Committee in place to hear alleged Honor Code violations. The committee is comprised of six faculty members, including the chair, and at least six Arts and Letters students. One of the six faculty members is designated as the Advisory Resource Person for the College of Arts and Letters. This person is not part of any hearings but is someone that can be a resource for students accused of an Honor Code violation. This Advisory Resource Person can talk to the student about the process, the consequences of making a particular decision, etc. The Advisory Resource Person does not advise the student on a particular course of action or evaluate their case, but simply provides information and answers their questions.

Honesty Committee members for 2022-2023:


  • Maria McKenna (Chair)
  • Elizabeth Capdevielle (Advisory Resource Person)
  • Heather Hyde Minor
  • Alexander Jech
  • Mim Thomas