Add/Drop Courses

We understand that students may change their minds about taking a certain course. It is important to consult with the director of undergraduate studies in your department or an assistant dean in the College before making a well-informed decision on this matter, particularly because such a decision could have implications on your ability to graduate on time.

The following guidelines may help you discern if adding/dropping a class is the right course of action for you.

During the first six class days:

  • You may add and/or drop courses from your schedule on your own using NOVO. (Note: Some classes have registration restrictions and you may need to request departmental approval before adding; these restrictions are noted in the Course Descriptions in Browse Classes and Class Search.)

After the sixth day of classes:

  • All changes to your schedule must be made using the Add/Drop eForm available in the eForms app in InsideND. These changes require the approval of your advising dean and the department hosting the course you wish to drop.

  • Semester-long courses cannot be added to your schedule.

  • You may add to your schedule late-starting courses that have not yet begun using the Add/Drop eForm.

After the drop deadline (usually the Friday after Fall or Spring Break):

  • No courses may be dropped from your schedule.

  • Classes that remain on your schedule after this deadline must be completed.

  • You may drop certain late-starting courses which have later drop deadlines; these later deadlines can be found in the Course Descriptions in Browse Classes and Class Search.

Please note:

  • You must carry a minimum of 12 credits every semester.

  • A course load of less than 12 credits is considered part-time status and is only approved for students in their graduating semester.

  • A course load of greater than 17 credits is considered an overload and requires that you seek permission from your advising dean in person.

Key Deadlines

Course drop deadline - Friday after fall/spring break

Key Forms