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Video: Study everything. Do anything.

Author: Todd Boruff

Notre Dame’s College of Arts and Letters — Study everything. Do anything.

A place to find your passion

With 20 departments across the humanities, arts, and social sciences, the College of Arts and Letters is home to exceptional faculty and talented students who are studying what they love. It’s an environment to ask big questions, read classic texts, and explore languages and cultures.

A place to create knowledge

We’re not just about learning through acquisition. We’re about learning through exploration. Our undergraduate students travel the globe to research topics that fascinate them, then return here to turn their observations into conclusions about the world.

A place to develop skills

Through the liberal arts, you learn to read deeply. Think about issues critically. Discuss topics thoughtfully. Write arguments persuasively. Contribute to projects creatively. And these abilities aren’t just vital in the classroom—they’re exactly what employers, graduate schools, and service organizations are looking for.