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  1. The Justice Department wants to 'break up Live Nation.' Taylor Swift fans are ready for it.

    Swift fans are “very good at bonding together, using their own time and resources to solve problems,” said Jeff Harden, a political science professor at the University of Notre Dame.

  2. Notre Dame president’s commencement address inspires hope: Leland Vittert

    We found hope at another commencement address that received no coverage - that's the president of Notre Dame

  3. Notre Dame Launches New Poverty Initiative

    The University of Notre Dame announced earlier this year that it will be launching a new academic initiative focused on studying and combating poverty. The new Poverty Initiative is supported by a $100 million gift from an alumni couple, the largest donation to an academic priority in Notre Dame’s history. Spotlight spoke recently with Jim Sullivan, a professor of economics who heads the university’s Wilson Sheehan Lab for Economic Opportunities and will lead the new Initiative.

  4. Two new murals completed at Foundry Field in South Bend

    Notre Dame Center for Social Concerns Assistant Director Mike Hebbeler said, "We have such a rich history here in South Bend. Some of our stories get told prominently, others not so much. So these murals of Uncle Bill's Softball team and Seabe Gavin take stories that are, perhaps on the periphery, and really put them as central stories to our town's history and we celebrate their contributions."

  5. Concerns about state of democracy in U.S. expressed at Notre Dame forum

    This week, [Notre Dame] is hosting its inaugural Global Democracy Conference. Serious concerns were expressed at a panel discussion on the state of democracy in the U.S. “I fear that we are going to rip apart as a country because so many of the things that used to unify Americans, no longer do,” said Notre Dame’s David Campbell. “Democrats usually have more elaborate systems about this, but the Trump campaign has also been mobilizing 100,000 election observers,” explained Notre Dame’s Christina Wolbrecht.

  6. College course examines depiction of drinking in film and its social consequences

    As college students wrap up the year, many reflect on what they learned in the classroom and what it means for their lives. At the University of Notre Dame, two professors — psychology professor Anre Venter and Film, Television, and Theatre professor Ted Mandell — offer a popular course that showcases how media exposure has very real-life implications.

  7. God, Country, and Notre Dame: Clash with the Klan Pt. 2

    “It was a time when, when Notre Dame was growing in its reputation — in part because of football, but also because of its academic reputation,” explained Kathleen Sprows Cummings, a professor of American studies and history at Notre Dame. 

  8. How tariffs compare in the Biden and Trump eras

    “Tariffs at a basic level are a disincentive to import. And where do you get stuff if you’re not importing? You buy domestically,” said Robert Johnson, an economics professor at the University of Notre Dame.

  9. Unemployment Rate Rose to 3.9% in April with 175,000 Jobs Added

    According to the US Labor Department, 175,000 jobs were added in April, roughly 60,000 less than expected. The unemployment rate rose to 3.9%, up slightly from March numbers. Economic Professor from the University of Notre Dame, Jeffrey Campbell, joins to share what this says about the state of our economy. 

  10. What is the federal funds rate? How the Fed controls interest rates, explained

    "It's a different means of accomplishing the same goal," says Eric Sims, economics professor at the University of Notre Dame. "They want to change interest rates that are relevant to you and me, but they're doing it in a different way now."

  11. The Vatican’s Secret Role in the Science of IVF

    “Their individuality was subsumed in the congregation,” says Kathleen Sprows Cummings, a professor at the University of Notre Dame who oversees the History of Women Religious, an academic organization devoted to the study of Catholic sisters. Even so-called “particular attachments” between nuns were discouraged. 

  12. High court appears skeptical of Trump’s absolute immunity claim

    “In this complicated case, the Supreme Court will be faced with deciding whether personal actions can be separate from presidential ones,” Robert Schmuhl, professor emeritus of American studies at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, who critically observes the modern American presidency, told OSV News.

  13. New techniques being used to analyze finds at Collier Lodge

    New archaeological techniques are being used to analyze artifacts uncovered during digs at the Collier Lodge site along the Kankakee River. Mark Schurr, an anthropology professor at the University of Notre Dame, has led excavations at the site for 20 years.

  14. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to addressing men’s health issues globally

    In most contexts in the United States and Europe, men tend to experience physical health changes when they get married and start having a family. These changes include an increase in waist circumference and body mass index — a phenomenon known as the “dad bod,” explained Lee Gettler, associate professor of anthropology and chair of Notre Dame’s Department of Anthropology.

    Originally published at news.nd.edu.

  15. Los Angeles uses AI to fight homelessness crisis

    Last year, the University of Notre Dame published a study that found that at-risk people in California's Santa Clara County were 81% less likely to become homeless within six months of enrolment in a financial assistance program.

    Originally published at news.nd.edu.

  16. Contributions of Black baseball players celebrated

    The team's rich history was recovered at the University of Notre Dame. Using a single black and white photo and catalogs of uniforms from the time, design professor Clint Carlson and students like Kiaya Jones began to reimagine what the Giants' uniforms looked like.

    Originally published at news.nd.edu.

  17. A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE: Supporting Students with NVLD

    Next, our experts explore the scope of nonverbal learning disability and provide interventional strategies that support children's success. Dr. Joshua Diehl is an associate teaching professor in the Psychology Department at the University of Notre Dame. His areas of expertise include neurodevelopmental disorders, intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, child psychopathology, and neurodiversity. His primary focus is on neurodevelopmental disorders with an emphasis on individuals with autism spectrum disorder and their families.

  18. Opinion | How Trump fills a void in an increasingly secular America

    The scholar David Campbell of the University of Notre Dame told the Associated Press, “Increasingly, Americans associate religion with the Republican Party — and if they are not Republicans themselves, they turn away from religion.” 

  19. Pope Francis' Culture Wars Divide Catholic Church

    "There's no question that [Francis] is deeply concerned, perhaps even more concerned in some ways, with what's happening in the German ecclesial," David Lantigua, a moral theology professor at the University of Notre Dame, told Newsweek

  20. Migrant Who Encouraged Squatting Broke ICE Rules

    Gilberto Cárdenas, a sociology professor at the University of Notre Dame and the founding director of the Institute for Latino Studies, said the border problem began more than a century ago and has remained consistent in recent years.