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  1. Trump wins Iowa caucuses as DeSantis edges out Haley for second

    “More than anything, Donald Trump’s victory in Iowa demonstrates how much he and his political organization have learned since 2016,” Robert Schmuhl, professor emeritus of American studies at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, who critically observes the modern American presidency, told OSV News.

  2. Study Shows Faith, Spirituality Boost Mental Health, Especially During Isolation and Despair

    “The data produced through this project is like the Webb telescope, only instead of distant stars, it has revealed the interior lives of many Americans — how they think and feel about their relationship to a higher power,” writes University of Notre Dame Professor David Campbell in the study’s introduction.

  3. How Your Body Adapts to Extreme Cold

    If this is making you miserable, it’s because you, like most people, overwhelmingly prefer hot places. That group does not include Cara Ocobock, a biological anthropologist at University of Notre Dame who is one of the scientists trying to understand how the human body adjusts to extreme cold.

  4. Harvard’s Claudine Gay was ousted for ‘plagiarism’. How serious was it really?

    “I don’t believe in churning everything through turnitin.com because that’s a mechanical way of doing things,” says Susan Blum, a professor of linguistic anthropology at Notre Dame, referencing a go-to anti-plagiarism tool.

  5. Places ravaged by opioids are giving Republicans the upper hand

    To try to isolate the role of the epidemic on voting, Carolina Arteaga and Victoria Barone, respectively economists at the University of Toronto and the University of Notre Dame, started by looking at areas where opioids had been heavily prescribed when they first hit the market in the 1990s.

  6. Battling Artificial Intelligence in the classroom

    Artificial Intelligence in the classroom has been a polarizing topic. But Notre Dame Professor John Behrens said, education is always changing to keep up with trends.

  7. The Rise and Fall of Prime-Rib Nation

    We see on holidays and special occasions the times when the kind of longer traditions and deeper histories of how we relate to food come out in ritual,” said Joshua Specht, the author of “Red Meat Republic” and an associate professor of history at the University of Notre Dame.

  8. You Deserve a Great Nap

    If you’re lucky enough to have an office or access to a nap room, consider keeping a pillow, eye mask and earplugs at work, said Jessica Payne, a professor of psychology at the University of Notre Dame.

  9. It’s not your imagination. Novels are getting weirder.

    Kate Marshall, an English professor at the University of Notre Dame, explains why literature has taken a turn for the strange in her new book 'Novels by Aliens.’ 

  10. Cheating in sports: Michigan football the latest scandal. Why is playing by rules so hard?

    “Cheating in the chariot races was written about in the Iliad,” said Clark Power, a professor of psychology and education at the University of Notre Dame who also directs a non-profit organization that promotes equity and character development in youth sports.

  11. Price of diesel fuel continues to fall

    WSBT also spoke with Notre Dame Economics Professor Thomas Gresik who agrees diesel prices impact inflation due to high transportation demands. But, he says it’s not a major component.

  12. War Destroying Ukraine's Cultural Heritage at Scale 'Not Seen Since WWII'

    "As a group of international and Ukrainian archaeologists, we realized there was an urgent needed to visit these locations systematically and visit representative sites," Ian Kuijt, professor of anthropology with the University of Notre Dame who participated in the survey, told Newsweek. 

    Originally published at news.nd.edu.

  13. ‘Wherever we’ve looked, we see destruction.’ The Ukraine war’s impact on buried archaeological sites

    Science spoke with co-authors Pavlo Shydlovskyi, an archaeologist at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, and University of Notre Dame archaeologist Ian Kuijt about their efforts to track the damage—and prevent more.

  14. Arizona gave families public money for private schools. Then private schools raised tuition

    Dan Hungerman, an economics professor at the University of Notre Dame who has studied the impact of vouchers on private school finances, noted that the Heritage report’s main finding lacked the common elements of rigorous academic research: statistical significance and standard error.

    Originally published at news.nd.edu.

  15. Can you solve it? How cut-throat are you? The ruthless pursuit of power

    Today’s puzzle concerns a group of five power-hungry schemers who are all desperate to become the top boss. Your task will be to work out how the person of lowest status can triumph above all the others. The puzzle is a new variant of what are often called “pirate-division” problems, and was written by Joel David Hamkins, who is currently the O’Hara Professor of Logic at the University of Notre Dame and was previously Professor of Logic at the University of Oxford.

    Originally published at news.nd.edu.

  16. Sometimes Called ‘Little Lent,’ Advent Zeros In On Preparation, Which Can Include Penitence

    Timothy O’Malley, the director of education at the McGrath Institute for Church Life at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana and the academic director of the Notre Dame Center for Liturgy, emphasized that much of the church’s year has historically been penitential.

    Originally published at news.nd.edu.

  17. Starbucks denies new employee benefits to unionized workers during bargaining

    Daniel Graff, director of the Higgins Labor Program at the University of Notre Dame”s Center for Social Concerns, remarked, “Starbucks has become the poster child for the service sector employer — the labor-intensive sectors — that say, ‘We cannot have a unionized workforce; we cannot imagine any kind of reallocation of power that’s going to result in some reallocation of the surplus; some reallocation of the income to our workforce.'”

    Originally published at news.nd.edu.

  18. Protesters demonstrate against world leaders, Israel-Hamas war as APEC comes to San Francisco

    Rory McVeigh, sociology professor and director of the Center for the Study of Social Movements at the University of Notre Dame, said politicians use protests to gauge public opinion and that media attention helps.

  19. Gas Prices Tumble in Time for Thanksgiving

    "Gasoline prices have long exhibited a seasonal pattern in which prices rise in the first half of the year and fall in the second half," University of Notre Dame economics professor Thomas Gresik told Newsweek. "This pattern is due to the change from winter blend gas to summer blend gas."

  20. The Taylor Swift stock-market effect? We are convinced.

    “The market does not respond to pop stars,” says Jeffrey Campbell, an economics professor at the University of Notre Dame.