Video: Gallivan director and former New York Times reporter Richard Jones on the future of journalism

Author: Todd Boruff

“The need for skilled, ethical, talented, compassionate journalists is greater now than ever before,” said Richard G. Jones, the Annenberg Director of the Gallivan Program in Journalism, Ethics and Democracy at the University of Notre Dame.

Jones spent 25 years in newsrooms, including 10 years at the New York Times as an administrator and reporter. In his last role at the Times he directed the Student Journalism Institute internship program, where he discovered firsthand which concepts were most important for new journalists to learn.

“Our charge as educators is really to make sure that students are prepared to be multi-platform journalists, to be platform-agnostic,” Jones said, emphasizing the ability to tell stories in print, video, photography, and audio. 

Although he believes digital skills are critical, Jones ensures his students are always grounded in the traditional principles of credibility and authority.

"It really is a natural fit to teach journalism in the context of a liberal arts education, and in the context of a Notre Dame education," he said. "There's so much overlay between the principles journalists try to adhere to and the principles that our students are taught here."

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