Video: 2016 seniors reflect on their liberal arts education

Author: Todd Boruff

Congratulations to the Class of 2016! This video, screened at the Arts and Letters Diploma Ceremony, features several seniors reflecting on their time at Notre Dame and in the College of Arts and Letters.

“I was really dedicated to doing something that mattered, and that really led to my decision to major in the College of Arts and Letters," said Ray’Von Jones, a sociology and Spanish major who will be entering an education master’s degree program at Stanford University. “Through a liberal arts education, you develop skills that you can apply to any field.”

“I’m realizing how influential every single one of my classes has been, just the absolute wealth of knowledge and resources available to you is infinitely valuable,” said Colton Williamson, a film, television, and theatre major.

“The College of Arts and Letters has really given me this great base that has allowed me to think and critically reflect on what kind of life I want to live,” said Seamus Ronan, a political science and peace studies major. “I feel prepared for whatever life brings my way.”

You can also watch this video on YouTube.