ND Psychologists Partner With Madison Center

Author: William G. Gilroy

Madison Center

The University of Notre Dame and the Madison Center, the leading provider of behavioral health care services in northern Indiana, have announced a series of agreements which will enhance research opportunities for University and Madison researchers while helping to improve the already high level of services Madison provides to the local community.

Although Notre Dame psychologists have conducted research at the center for a number of years, the new agreements represent a significant scaling up of the relationship between the two entities.

Notre Dame will occupy space in buildings on the Madison Center campus for researchers from its Department of Psychology who specialize in areas such as geropsychology and personality and mood disorders. This will improve access of researchers to patients in their fields of expertise. The agreements also will enhance training opportunities for Notre Dame graduate and undergraduate students interested in behavioral areas.

“The partnership between Notre Dame psychology and the Madison Center represents a true win-win by combining resources and expertise from the University and the community,” says Daniel J, Myers, Notre Dame’s associate dean for research, centers and the social sciences. “The result is better faculty research and better training for our students, which combine to help produce better treatment for Madison Center patients.”

Madison Center physicians will gain access to leading experts in clinical psychology and participate in cutting-edge research that can support clinical treatment and patient care. The Madison medical staff also will collaborate with Notre Dame researchers on papers published in academic journals.

“It is critical to develop strong community partnerships to enable us to provide the highest quality behavioral care to those we serve,” Madison Center CEO Ken Davis says. “We are proud to have the University of Notre Dame as such a committed partner working with us.”

Notre Dame has recently recruited a number of internationally renowned clinical psychologists to its Department of Psychology who will conduct research at Madison Center. They include David Watson, a noted clinical scientist whose research focuses on the study of mood, temperament and psychopathology; Lee Anna Clark, an internationally recognized scholar in the study of personality disorders; and Anne Simons, a leading expert in various aspects of depression, including its maintenance and treatment.

Contacts: Ken Davis, CEO, Madison Center, 574-234-0061, kendavis@madison.org; Daniel Lapsley, chair, Notre dame Department of Psychology, 574-631-4515, Lapsley.2@nd.edu

Originally published by newsinfo.nd.edu.