Graduate Students Honored For Research

Author: Mary Hendriksen

Notre Dame’s annual Graduate Research Symposium on Feb. 27 showcased the accomplishments of Notre Dame graduate students in the Graduate School’s four divisions: humanities, social science, engineering, and science.

The symposium, hosted by the Graduate Student Union and Office for Postdoctoral Scholars, provides a scholarly but informal environment for graduate students and postdocs to present their research to the larger campus community.


The winners in each category:


First place: Sarah Martin, MFA Visual Communication Design
“Bad Things Happen”
Second place: Maria Cecilia Pluta, History
“Speak to Them in That Language Which They Use: Slave Catechesis in the Eighteenth-century Spanish Caribbean”

Social Sciences:

First place: Tihtina Zenebe Gebre, Economics
“Effects of Mother Tongue Education on Schooling and Adult Outcomes: Evidence from Ethiopia”
Second place: Jonathan Schwartz, Sociology
“Timmy is Smart & Funny; Sarah is Hardworking & Caring: Reification of Gender Roles in Teacher Recommendations for Selective College Admissions”


First place: Brian Yoo, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
“Lipid Membrane in Ionic Liquids”
Second place: SM Islam, Electrical Engineering
“Towards Efficient 220-270nm Deep-UV Light-Emitting Diodes: Use in Portable Biosensing and Sterlization Units”


First place: Xu Han, Physics
“Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet as a New Tool for Medical Application
Second place: Matthew Leming, Biological Sciences
“Increased Light Sensitivity Under Low-Light Conditions Associated With Extensive Aaop1 Redistribution in Aedes Aegypti

Postdoctoral Scholars:

First place: Aaron Sheppard, Biological Sciences
“Light-Regulated Blood-Feeding Behavior and a Light Phase Responsive Curve for the Anopheles Gambiae Malaria Mosquito”
Second place: Erin K. Grey, Environmental Change Initiative
“Forecasting Ship-born Invasive Species”

First place: Jessica Meixner, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences
“Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Spectral Wave/Circulation Modeling”

Second place: Haitao Wang, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences
“Wet Chemical Prepartion of Catalysts Layers for Growth Vertical Aligned Carbon Nanotube Arrays”

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