97 percent of recent Arts and Letters graduates land full-time jobs, enroll in graduate school, enter service programs, join the military, or launch independent projects within six months of graduation.

By asking big questions, studying classic texts, and exploring languages and cultures, you’ll develop the skills that are in-demand in the professional and academic worlds. You’ll learn to read deeply. Think about issues critically. Discuss topics thoughtfully. Write arguments persuasively. Contribute to projects creatively.

The world is constantly evolving. With a foundational education in the liberal arts, you're not only prepared to keep up with changing times—you're prepared to thrive in them.

Why Arts and Letters?

  • 93% of employers care more about critical-thinking, communication, and complex problem-solving abilities than undergraduate major.*

  • 96% want employees with ethical judgment, integrity, and intercultural skills.*

  • 74% of employers say a modern liberal arts education is the best way to prepare for success in the global economy.*

  • 55% of public and private sector leaders have degrees in the social sciences or humanities.+

Where Arts and Letters majors are six months after graduation:

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