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Video: Economics Alumnus Credits Success in International Finance to Liberal Arts Education

Author: Todd Boruff

“Arts and Letters forces you to go and think beyond what is traditionally and conventionally accepted,” said Bill Kennedy ’90.

Kennedy, who majored in economics at Notre Dame, is a portfolio manager for Fidelity Investments in London. Sparked by a College of Arts and Letters course he took on Asian governments, he spent the first decade of his career living and working in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan. After moving back to the U.S. for a few years, he moved with his current responsibilities to London, where he runs Fidelity’s International Discovery Fund.

Kennedy attributes his success in international finance to the critical thinking skills he gained while pursuing his economics degree. “The big investments that I have made are ones that my curiosity has really gotten the best of me,” said Kennedy. “A lot of those skills in asking questions and asking them the right way come directly from my Arts and Letters background.”

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