The Career Development process can be stressful, which is why we have your back!

The Peers2Careers community is here to help you discover the career path that is right for you. We have a network of peer mentors in every dorm, as well as our Board of Creators who work hard to bring you unique career development programming throughout the year.

Beyond the Dome Career Communities

Beyond the Dome Career Communities

The Insider’s Guide

The Insider’s Guide

Board of Creators Career Community Leaders Dorm Representatives

Board of Creators

  1. Corey Bowden

    Corey Bowden

    Podcast Producer

  2. Kate Casper

    Kate Casper

    Social Media Creative Director

  3. Lucy Langholz

    Lucy Langholz

    Chief Executive Officer

  4. Isabel Mahoney

    Chief of Staff

  5. Patrick Mccarthy

    Patrick Mccarthy

    Newsletter Editor and Storyteller

  6. Caitlyn Mchenry

    Caitlyn McHenry

    Chief Marketing and Branding Officer

  7. Anjali Pellegrin

    Podcast Producer

  8. Catherine Schafer

    Catherine Schafer

    Chief People Officer

Career Community Leaders

  1. Caroline Ashworth

    Caroline Ashworth

    Law, Government, Public Policy Community Leader

  2. Sammi Dunlap

    Sammi Dunlap

    P2C Community Manager

  3. Cecilia Ignacio

    Ceclia Ignacio

    Tech Community Leader

  4. Sam Jenkins

    Sam Jenkins

    P2C Community Engagement Leader

  5. Caitlyn Mchenry

    Caitlyn Mchenry

    Communication, Arts and Media Community Leader

  6. Maggie Mitchell

    Maggie Mitchell

    Healthcare Community Leader

  7. Zohreh Qazilbash

    Zohreh Qazilbash

    Consulting Community Leader

  8. Emma Sedlack

    Emma Sedlack

    Business Community Leader

  9. Catherine Schafer

    Catherine Shafer

Dorm Representatives

  1. James Baird

    James Baird

    Hall Representative

    Alumni Hall

  2. Grace Huguley 1

    Grace Huguley

    Badin Hall

  3. Matthew Martinez

    Matthew Martinez

    Baumer Hall

  4. Angela Olvera

    Angela Olvera

    Breen-Phillips Hall

  5. Redeate Teshome

    Redeate Teshome

    Hall Representative

    Breen-Phillips Hall

  6. Alex Bourtin

    Alex Bourtin

    Carroll Hall

  7. Paul Mcleod

    Paul McLeod

    Carroll Hall

  8. Caroline Bishop

    Caroline Bishop

    Cavanaugh Hall

  9. Esther Lynch

    Esther Lynch

    Cavanaugh Hall

  10. Jacob Zybura

    Jacob Zybura

    Duncan Hall

  11. John Oneill

    John O'Neill

    Duncan Hall

  12. Jaeseo Cha

    Jaeseo Cha

    Hall Representative

    Dunne Hall

  13. Ava Catalic

    Ava Catalic

    Farley Hall

  14. Meghan Lang

    Meghan Lang

    Farley Hall

  15. Caroline Quinn

    Caroline Quinn

    Flaherty Hall

  16. Jane Miller

    Jane Miller

    Flaherty Hall

  17. Maxine Zamora

    Maxine Zamora

    Howard Hall

  18. Claire Mcarthur

    Claire McArthur

    Johnson Family Hall

  19. Olivia Schmitt

    Olivia Schmitt

    Johnson Family Hall

  20. Summer Cullen

    Summer Cullen

    Johnson Family Hall

  21. Colly Urdan

    Colly Urdan

    Keenan Hall

  22. K Lee

    K. Lee

    Keenan Hall

  23. Peter Coors

    Keough Hall

  24. Ben Mulenda

    Ben Mulenda

    Knott Hall

  25. Billy Bonnist

    Billy Bonnist

    Knott Hall

  26. Juniper Kim

    Juniper Kim

    Lewis Hall

  27. Maggie Lewis

    Maggie Lewis

    Lewis Hall

  28. Nayla Hernandez

    Nayla Hernandez

    Lewis Hall

  29. Sarah Van Hollebeke

    Sarah Van Hollebeke

    Lyons Hall

  30. Sydney Hank

    Sydney Hank

    Lyons Hall

  31. Kerry O Donoghue

    Kerry O'Donoghue

    McGlinn Hall

  32. Ethan Harned

    Ethan Harned

    O'Neill Family Hall

  33. Joe Oberlies

    Joe Oberlies

    Pangborn Hall

  34. Mary Bridget Shaughnessy

    Mary Bridget

    Pasquerilla East Hall

  35. Shamiran Youhana

    Pasquerilla West Hall

  36. Molly Mitchell

    Molly Mitchell

    Ryan Hall

  37. Monica Schleg

    Monica Schleg

    Ryan Hall

  38. Joaquin Macias

    Joaquin Macias

    Hall Representative

    Sorin Hall

  39. Tommy Toole

    Tommy Toole

    Stanford Hall

  40. Xavier Marlowe Rogers

    Xavier Marlowe-Rogers

    Stanford Hall

  41. John Polking

    John Polking

    St. Edward's Hall

  42. Sam Jenkins

    Sam Jenkins

    St. Edward's Hall

  43. Claire Bosch

    Claire Bosch

    Walsh Hall

  44. Geneva Woolford

    Geneva Yarger Woolford

    Welsh Family Hall

  45. Nadia Vehovc

    Nadia Vehovc

    Welsh Family Hall