Peers2Careers Hall Rep Program

What is P2C?

The Peers2Careers Hall Rep Program encourages student leadership and community, primarily amongst first-years and sophomores in their halls. The early years of college can be daunting and challenging when simultaneously navigating both a college environment and potential career interests. The program is twofold for student reps and hall residents; it allows students to become leaders within their hall communities, providing guidance and reassurance for their peers, while also solidifying relationships with one another. 

Our Hall Representatives

  1. Annabelle Alton headshot

    Annabelle Alton

    Pasquerilla East Hall
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  2. Elle Bohlman

    Elle Bohlman

    Welsh Family Hall
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  3. Billy Bonnist

    Billy Bonnist

    Knott Hall
    Email Billy

  4. Conall Burke

    Conall Burke

    Baumer Hall
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  5. Pfp

    Juan Chaia

    Siegfried Hall
    Email Juan

  6. Demetrios Fotopoulos

    Demetrios Fotopoulos

    Keough Hall
    Email Demetrios

  7. Jack Frauenhofer

    Jack Frauenhofer

    Siegfried Hall
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  8. Joe Hoover

    Joe Hoover

    Duncan Hall
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  9. Grace Huguley 1

    Grace Huguley

    Badin Hall
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  10. Liam Kempf

    Liam Kempf

    Pangborn Hall
    Email Liam

  11. Juniper Kim

    Juniper Kim

    Lewis Hall
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  12. Meghan Lang

    Meghan Lang

    Farley Hall
    Email Meghan

  13. Beyond The Dome Headshots Sept 8282 1

    Clare Lewis

    Badin Hall
    Email Clare

  14. Maggie Lewis

    Maggie Lewis

    Lewis Hall
    Email Maggie

  15. Joaquin Macias

    Joaquin Macias

    Sorin Hall
    Email Joaquin

  16. Kelly McGlin

    Kelly McGlinn

    Walsh Hall
    Email Kelly

  17. Paul Mcleod

    Paul Mcleod

    Carroll Hall
    Email Paul

  18. Jane Miller

    Jane Miller

    Flaherty Hall
    Email Jane

  19. Molly Mitchell

    Molly Mitchell

    Ryan Hall
    Email Molly

  20. Makena Mwathi

    Makena Mwathi

    Pasquerilla West Hall
    Email Makena

  21. Kerry O Donoghue

    Kerry O'Donoghue

    McGlinn Hall
    Email Kerry

  22. Tommie Phillips

    Tommie Phillips

    Fisher Hall
    Email Tommie

  23. Michael Scannell

    Michael Scannell

    Pangborn Hall
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  24. Keira Stenson Headshot

    Keira Stenson

    Johnson Family Hall
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  25. Img 0179 1

    Miles Thornburg

    Dillon Hall
    Email Miles

  26. Tommy Toole

    Tommy Toole

    Stanford Hall
    Email Tommy

  27. Colly Urdan

    Colly Urdan

    Keenan Hall
    Email Colly

  28. Sarah Van Hollebeke

    Sarah Van Hollebeke

    Lyons Hall
    Email Sarah

  29. Maxine Zamora

    Maxine Zamora

    Howard Hall
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