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Are you looking for funding opportunities for your internship? Beyond the Dome’s internship fund allows students to receive up to $2000 to help cover any travel and living costs. This application is only open to Arts and Letters students with a College of Arts & Letters primary college affiliation.

As Notre Dame students prepare for their careers, many choose to begin their professional journeys by participating in summer internships. Often, these internships are underpaid or even unpaid, leaving students with the financial burden of travel, lodging, and living expenses for the duration of their internship experiences.

The Beyond the Dome Career Development Program seeks to offer financial support to Arts & Letters students who find themselves in a situation where financial concerns may prevent them from participating in the internship of their choosing.

Eligibility Deadlines and Key Dates Materials Needed Key Details Expectations Priority Order International Internships Questions


  • Funds are provided to help Arts and Letters students break even with their summer experience (i.e. support for your housing, food, and transportation associated with your participation in the internship).

  • Applicants must be returning to Notre Dame following their experience to complete their undergraduate degree.

  • Volunteer programs or internships set up by “third-party program fees” are not eligible to receive funding.

  • Employment must be on a full-time basis (typically 30-40 hours per week for at least 6 weeks or longer).

  • All funds are to cover food, transportation, and housing expenses incurred during your participation in the internship.

Application Deadlines and Key Dates

  • Application closes: May 15, 2024

  • Decisions communicated by: May 31, 2024

  • We are aware that some internship opportunities are not finalized until after mid-May. The application will remain open for those students who are still in the process of securing a summer experience.

Materials you will need to apply

  • Proof of employment (offer letter, email, or other document stating you have the offer, the dates of the experience, the pay, the title, and duties)

  • Be prepared to submit a 500-word max essay describing why you are passionate about this internship opportunity and how it aligns with your potential career interests.

Key details

  • Funding is not guaranteed for any applicant. Not all students who request funding will receive funding, and not all students receive the full amount they request.

  • Funds are intended to support food, transportation, and housing expenses incurred as a result of participating in a career-aligned summer experience. To help you understand what this looks like, the Center for Career Development has provided a variety of scenarios based on past funding requests.

  • Students whose compensation from an employer exceeds their food/transportation/housing are not eligible for funding.

  • If you have questions about the impact on your financial aid package, please contact the Office of Financial Aid before applying.

  • If you have questions about the tax implications of receiving funding, please see this Tax Implications Letter.

  • Several other departments and programs at Notre Dame offer summer experience funding. CUSE provides a centralized list of these opportunities.

Expectations if awarded funding

Students who are awarded funds will be expected to submit short reflections to Beyond the Dome three times throughout their internship. Students receiving funding will also have the option to access BTD staff throughout the summer for personal career coaching.

Priority order

  • Unpaid internships

  • Low-paying internships

  • Where income is less than living and travel expenses for the summer opportunity

International Internships

Any student receiving financial or programmatic support from Notre Dame must complete the International Travel Registry through Notre Dame International (NDI) and fulfill any requirements articulated by NDI (including, but not limited to, attending the Health and Safety Summit). If you are considering an international experience:

  • Review resources provided by Notre Dame International.

  • All University-funded students are required to have insurance coverage.

  • When traveling abroad, make sure you have addressed any health issues by visiting University Health Services.

  • When accepting an international internship, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have addressed all VISA and work authorization, requirements with your prospective employer, and applicable government agencies.

  • NDI's resources offer additional insights into understanding different cultures and living abroad.

Have questions?

Please reach out to btd@nd.edu if you have any questions regarding the application process.