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  1. Economists expect Fed to defy investors with more interest rate rises

    Christiane Baumeister, a professor at the University of Notre Dame, is among those to worry about energy prices after the decision by Saudi Arabia and Russia to cut supply. She expects prices to rise further, potentially bidding up expectations of future inflation as well as delaying the descent in core price growth if companies opt to pass on higher costs to consumers.

  2. Germany has reason to be concerned. "Catastrophe is not unthinkable"

    Such considerations drown out voices suggesting that extending support for carmakers could be counterproductive in the long run, writes The Economist. He evokes the views of Ruediger Bachmann of the University of Notre Dame, who believes that German politicians should rely more on market forces to fill the economic space that may open up as the German automotive industry weakens.

  3. Adieu to a post-colonial bully?

    French officials controlled every aspect of the administration and affairs of their colonies, and declared everything and everyone in these colonies to be French: “But more as in French property. In other words, as subjects of France rather than citizens. The idea behind the insistence of the rightness and dominance of French language and French culture was for Africans to aspire to be French, but of course they could never really be French because they were black and not actually from France,” Prof. Catherine E. Bolten of the University of Notre Dame, told African Arguments.

  4. Texas fracking billionaire brothers fuel rightwing media with millions of dollars

    “Thanks to their incredible wealth and largesse, the country as well as the [Republican] party are now feeling the effects of their aggressive brand of religiously-charged political activism,” said Darren Dochuk, a history professor at the University of Notre Dame and author of Anointed with Oil.

  5. Americans Are Talking About Labor Issues, Unions More Now Than In Recent Past, Experts Say

    “I definitely think this Labor Day, there’s more of a focus by the nation on the state of labor,” said Daniel Graff, director of the Higgins Labor Program at the University of Notre Dame’s Center for Social Concerns. “Coming out of the pandemic — and with the rise of labor organizing we’ve seen the last couple of years — it’s clear that Americans are talking about labor questions more than in the recent past.”

  6. Opinion | Solving homelessness requires more evidence and less politics

    Bill Evans is the University of Notre Dame Keough-Hesburgh Professor of Economics and co-founder of the Wilson Sheehan Lab for Economic Opportunities (LEO). David Phillips is a research professor of economics at LEO. Jim Sullivan is a professor of economics and LEO co-founder.

  7. The Disciplining Power of Disappointment: In a new book, Sara Marcus argues that American politics are defined by unfulfilled desire.

    If optimism is the disposition of the victor, then what is the outlook of the victim or survivor of conquest and domination? For Sara Marcus, an assistant professor of English at the University of Notre Dame, it is disappointment. 

  8. Reggaeton often has misogynistic lyrics. A Mexican city is issuing fines.

    Jason Ruiz, an associate professor of American studies at the University of Notre Dame, drew parallels between the trajectory of reggaeton with that of hip-hop and rap, genres that were also decried as violent in their early stages but that have seen a transformation following the rise of female and queer artists within them.

  9. The Kakhovka Dam Collapse Is an Ecological Disaster

    The country is the world’s fifth-largest exporter of wheat — meaning there will be serious knock-on effects for countries that rely on imports. Farmers in the area also produce cherries, plums, apples, tomatoes, eggplants, and other crops, says Susanne Wengle, an associate professor of political science at the University of Notre Dame.

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  10. Trump’s Jan. 6 indictment puts the U.S. in ‘uncharted territory,’ Catholic scholars say

    Robert Schmuhl, professor emeritus of American studies at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, who critically observes the modern American presidency, told OSV News that “as indictments and court cases against former President Trump increase, he becomes stronger with his supporters.” 

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  11. What if Germany stopped making cars? Imagine Volkswagen goes the way of Nokia

    Rüdiger Bachmann of the University of Notre Dame and others calculated that because the company was found fiddling with emissions readings, sales of other German brands in America fell by 166,000 cars, costing them $7.7bn in forgone revenues, or nearly a quarter of their total in 2014.

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  12. What Gave Rise to the Breadwinner? | What's Next?

    Episodes 2&5: Associate Professor Lee T. Gettler, University of Notre Dame, is the Director of the Hormones, Health and Human Behavior Laboratory at Notre Dame and a faculty affiliate of the Eck Institute for Global Health.

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  13. US expected to get around China’s export controls on gallium, an essential component for American military radar tech

    Eugene Gholz, an associate professor of political science at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana in the US, said Beijing was in part aiming to disrupt the defence supply chain by countering the semiconductor export control, considering Washington’s “fear of vulnerability” as an opportunity to increase its leverage against the US.

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  14. Kakhovka Dam breach in Ukraine caused economic, agricultural and ecological devastation that will last for years

    Susanne Wengle, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Notre Dame, and Vitalii Dankevych, Doctor of Economics, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Public Administration and National Security, Polissia National University, Zhytomyr National Agroecological University.

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  15. The GOP has a glaring Mormon problem

    As Notre Dame political science professor David Campbell, who was raised Mormon, told me, “There’s an allergic reaction among many Americans — particularly those who lean to the left politically — when religion and politics mix. We see it among Catholics. We see it among evangelicals. And we’re seeing it among Mormons.”


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  16. Wife Calls Her Husband The 'Biggest Disappointment' In Her Life After He Can't Put Their Kids To Bed

    According to James McKenna, Ph.D., an anthropologist specializing in infancy and development and director of the mother/baby behavioral sleep laboratory at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, the location in which you sleep is less important when it comes to a baby's development.

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  17. Black families growing up on either side of the tracks have same economic outcomes, says study

    Expanding on the relatively short-term and single-generation body of research, University of Notre Dame assistant professor of sociology Steven Alvarado used 35 years' worth of data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth from 1979 to 2014 to study what happened when multiple generations of Black, white and Latino families lived on one side of the tracks versus the other.

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  18. Social Studies: Stops by Democratic and Republican cops; the power of not marrying a cousin; the mindset of water scarcity

    Economists at the University of Notre Dame worked with a homelessness prevention program in Santa Clara County, Calif. (which includes much of Silicon Valley, where rent levels can make those in Boston look reasonable), to conduct a randomized controlled trial of short-term financial assistance.

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  19. One is the loneliest number: What will help people connect again?

    “I’ve been sort of saying this is a problem for quite a long time,” says Darcia Narvaez, professor emerita of psychology at the University of Notre Dame. “So the report wasn’t a surprise to me. It was great to see that the government is paying attention to it."

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  20. Catholic experts weigh in on Donald Trump’s latest indictment and potential impact on 2024 campaign

    Robert Schmuhl, professor emeritus of American studies at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, who critically observes the modern American presidency, told OSV News the latest Trump indictment “doesn’t come as much of a surprise.”

    Originally published at news.nd.edu.