Video: Why top employers hire Notre Dame liberal arts majors

Author: Todd Boruff

College of Arts and Letters graduates find success in the business world in a variety of roles and industries. 

“We love hiring liberal arts majors,” said Antonia Schreier, associate manager of compensation at food and beverage company KraftHeinz. “We hire in finance, marketing, sales, business development: all across the board.” 

“There’s lots of different opportunities for liberal arts majors,” said Lindsey Jacob, university recruiting lead for Booz Allen Hamilton, a professional services firm. “Management consulting, process improvement, strategic communications, public policy work. You really are able to chart your own career.”

Major companies are seeking college graduates proficient in communication, analysis, empathy, and creative thinking — skills that all Arts and Letters students develop through a broad liberal arts education. 

“They're able to communicate effectively in a team setting, able to creatively think, problem solve,” said David Kushnir, lead recruiter for global consulting firm Accenture. ”It's easy to hire these students on our consulting analyst program because they're already ready to go.”

“They understand, with a critical lens, how to interpret different challenges,” said Licia Price, lead university recruiter – marketing for General Motors transportation company. “Liberal arts majors can really find their niche.”

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