Video: Tim Brooks ’90 on the Importance of an International Education

Author: Todd Boruff

“One of the values of the liberal arts education, at least for me, is a broad understanding of issues so that I can look for the questions to ask. That’s been essential for what I’ve done over the years,” said Col. Paul “Tim” Brooks ’90.

Brooks graduated from Notre Dame’s Army ROTC program with a bachelor’s degree in international relations from the Department of Political Science. He was commissioned in 1990 as an armor officer and has served in the Army for nearly 25 years in a number of roles. He is currently an information operations officer stationed in Seoul, South Korea.

Having spent much of his career overseas, Brooks believes strongly in the value of Notre Dame’s study abroad program.

“You get out there in a completely different world, and you’re immersed in it,” said Brooks. “You start to see that people have a lot of the same challenges and the same issues, they just have different traditions and different ways of life.”

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