Video: The history major at Notre Dame

Author: Todd Boruff

What is the history major like at Notre Dame?

“History is more alive than I thought it was, in that history is still an ongoing argument,” said history major Jarod Luedecker.

In history, you’ll take classes like:

  • Making of the Atlantic World
  • World War II: A Global History
  • Humans and Other Primates
  • African-American Resistance
  • 1960s America
  • Financial Markets in History
  • Ancient Japan
  • Great War and Modern Memory

History majors pursue their passions while developing skills such as analysis, interpretation, empathy, and critical thinking. 

After graduation, students go on to top graduate and professional schools and work in a variety of professions and industries. First jobs include:

  • Consultant, IBM
  • Investment banking analyst, Bank of America
  • Buyer, Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Researcher, Columbia University
  • Project manager, Epic

“You can do anything with history,” said history major Mary Ninneman. “It's been so rewarding in so many different ways.”

“You can do anything with history. It's been so rewarding in so many different ways.”