Video: The classics major at Notre Dame

Author: Todd Boruff

What is the classics major like at Notre Dame?

"If you look at our society today, so much of what we have is based in the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome," said classics major Emma Mazurek. "You get to almost have many majors in one major in the Classics department."

In classics, you'll take classes like:

  • Roman Wisdom
  • Latin Paleography
  • Homer
  • The Golden Age of Athens
  • Roman Criminal Law
  • Greek Theater
  • Greek and Roman Epic
  • Sport and Society

Classics majors pursue their passions while developing skills such as critical thinking, analysis, writing, and problem solving.

After graduation, students go on to top graduate and professional schools and work in a variety of professions and industries. First jobs include:

  • Business analyst, Target
  • Software engineer, IBM
  • Urban designer, Urban Design Associates
  • Database marketing coordinator, Aspire Group
  • Teacher, St. John, Bosco High School

“If you like history or poetry or art history or literature, you can find your own path in Classics," said classics major Nicholas Mungan. "I wouldn't want to have been anywhere else."

If you like history or poetry or art history or literature, you can find your own path in Classics. I wouldn't want to have been anywhere else."