Video: Tech entrepreneur Dan Peate ’00 on majoring in philosophy and how the liberal arts prepare students for robot-proof jobs

Author: Todd Boruff

“A lot of people ask me, ‘Philosophy — do you even use that in business?’ And I actually do all the time, especially in the world of Silicon Valley,” said Dan Peate ’00. 

Peate is the founder of the technology companies DRIAV and Hixme, and is the managing director of Peate Ventures LLC, a venture capital fund. He credits his success in business to the skills he gained in asking foundational questions as a philosophy major. He seeks new employees who can demonstrate flexible thinking and thinks all students should broaden their abilities to work creatively.

“Students today, sometime in their career, will have a robot sitting next to them doing their job with them,” he said. “It's not just about studying a topic and becoming an expert on a topic — it's about learning how to do the things that robots and artificial intelligence can't do, and I think a liberal arts education can help you with that.”

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