Video: PLS and Chinese major interns at public policy think tank in Indianapolis

Author: Todd Boruff

“If you are considering doing an internship for the summer, I would say absolutely go for it,” said Chaya Cassell, a Program of Liberal Studies and Chinese major in the College of Arts and Letters.

Cassell interned at the Sagamore Institute, a public policy think tank based in downtown Indianapolis. Her main project was researching and writing a brief on the West African experience and transitional justice in Liberia. “I’ve learned a lot about the justice system in America, national security, book editing, and research,” said Cassell. 

Notre Dame’s Meruelo Family Center for Career Development awarded Cassell a grant to support her during the internship, which “really made the summer a lot easier for me and encouraged me in pursuing all the things I want to do this summer with the internship,” she said. Undergraduates can receive up to $3,500 to cover living expenses during a qualified summer internship. 

Cassell is grateful for her experience at Sagamore and encourages others to look for internship opportunities.

“It’ll help you formulate your own life path, determining what you don’t want or what you might be interested in,” she said. “It can even introduce you to whole new areas of study that you might not have thought you’d be interested in before.”

You can also watch this video on YouTube.