Video: Krysta Dennis ’07, ’08 MA on Entrepreneurship and the Liberal Arts

Author: Todd Boruff

“Arts and Letters is a great place to be. That broad education allows me to better communicate and just understand the world around me much, much better,” said Krysta Dennis ’07.

Dennis majored in French and film, television, and theatre at Notre Dame and also has a master’s in Romance languages from the University. After studying abroad in France her sophomore year, she knew that she wanted to live there.

“As soon as I finished, I came running straight back to Paris,” Dennis said.

Dennis trained at L’Ecole Internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq, a prominent physical theatre school in Paris. She is now associate lecturer at the University of Kent at Canterbury and is finishing a dual Ph.D. in theater and globalization from the University of Kent and the Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III.

She also co-founded Through the Grapevine Performed Wine Tastings, a theatrical production company where each performance is devised based on the wine served during the show.

“You have no idea where you’re going to wind up in life,” Dennis said of her dual career tracks as professor and entrepreneur. The creative classes she took in the College of Arts and Letters were excellent preparation, she said, because “that creativity, when it comes to entrepreneurship, is the most important thing you can have.”

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