VIDEO: Global Backgrounds, International Impact

Author: Joanne Fahey

New hires in history not limited by borders

The Department of History at the University of Notre Dame studies humanity’s diverse traditions and how they have changed over time to prepare for the challenges of the world today and tomorrow. Ranked among the top 20 programs in the nation, the University has recently increased faculty investment in areas such as Latin American and modern European history, as well as emerging areas of strength such as early American history, and is focusing on research not limited by national boundaries, including disease, migration, religious belief, and the environment.

“History at Notre Dame is committed to excellence and this new video highlights four of our rising stars who are at the forefront of scholarship in their respective – and far flung – fields. We hope for nothing less than to be a model of what a department in the humanities can aspire to be. We are poised, I believe, for an extraordinary moment," said Department Chair Patrick Griffin, Madden-Hennebry Professor of History.

Learn more about the global reach and impact of the Department of History’s research in this new video, which features Alexander Beihammer, Heiden College Chair and Associate Professor of History; Mariana Candido, Associate Professor of History; Darren Dochuk, Associate Professor of History; and Elisabeth Köll, William Payden Associate Professor of History.

To watch the video, which is part of the Advancing Research series, and learn more about History at Notre Dame, please click here

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Originally published by Joanne Fahey at on January 20, 2017.