Video: English and Italian alumna on turning a passion for language into a career abroad

Author: Todd Boruff

“Do what you feel naturally inclined to do, where your skills and abilities are taking you, what you're best at. It really has helped me to narrow down and find the right career,” said Elizabeth Simari ’08.

Simari majored in Italian and English in the College of Arts and Letters and studied abroad in Rome during her junior year. Her interest in the language, history, and culture of Italy developed into a passion, leading her to move to Sicily after graduation. After teaching English there for a year and earning a master's degree in literature from Middlebury in Florence, she went on to write for L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican’s English-language newspaper, and now teaches at the University of Loyola Chicago's campus in Rome.

Simari cites her liberal arts education for preparing her to follow her dream of living and working abroad.

“When you study liberal arts, you don't have a clear ending point,” she said. “That gives us a lot of room to develop our career, our passions, our talents, without really having a paved road for us, so we have to pave the road. We have to find the way.”