Video: Economics and political science major Carlos Lozada ’93 finds a home at The Washington Post

Author: Todd Boruff

“It's a thrill for me walking into this newsroom every day, and I've been doing it for 11 years,” said Carlos Lozada ’93, associate editor and nonfiction book critic at The Washington Post.

Lozada majored in economics and political science in the College of Arts and Letters. He earned a master’s degree in public policy from Princeton University and worked as an analyst for the Federal Reserve. Lozada then shifted into journalism, working as managing editor for Foreign Policy magazine before beginning his career at The Washington Post

“What the liberal arts education at Notre Dame really did for me was it helped me to learn how to think, how to marshal my arguments, and how to learn from people around me,” he said. “To be a journalist you have to have this inherent curiosity and inherent skepticism, and I think those two qualities were really stoked and inspired at Notre Dame.”