Professors Amago and Jerez-Farrán Edit Book on Franco

Author: Kellogg Institute for International Studies

Unearthing Franco's Legacy

A new book in the Kellogg Institute’s series with the University of Notre Dame Press explores how citizens in Spain confront memories of Franco’s dictatorship. Unearthing Franco’s Legacy: Mass Graves and the Recovery of Historical Memory in Spain is the most recent addition to the Contemporary European Politics and Society Series.

Samuel Amago, associate professor of Spanish, and Carlos Jerez-Farrán, professor of Spanish, are the editors of this new book that examines the political, cultural, and historical debate ensuing in Spain as the discovery and exhumation of anonymous mass graves has forced citizens to publicly confront Franco’s legacy.

During the Spanish Civil War and the 36 years of the Franco dictatorship, thousands of suspected political dissidents and their families were systematically killed and buried in such graves.

The essays by historians, anthropologists, literary scholars, journalists, and cultural analysts collected in this volume represent the first interdisciplinary analysis of how present-day Spain has sought to come to terms with the violence of Franco’s regime.

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