Economics conference brings experts from around the globe to Notre Dame

Author: Brandi Wampler

Thomas Gresik
Thomas Gresik

The University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business and the Department of Economics in the College of Arts and Letters hosted the semi-annual conference, “Midwest Economic Theory and International Economics Meetings,” last month. About 100 attendees participated in the three-day event, which featured parallel sessions in economic theory and international economics. 

Significant financial support for the conference was provided by Arts & Letters’ Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts while space for the conference was provided by the Mendoza College of Business.

“It was very uplifting to be able to host the Midwest Economic Theory and International Economics Meetings,” said Jeffrey Bergstrand, professor of finance at Notre Dame who co-hosted the event with Thomas Gresik, professor of economics at Notre Dame. “Tom and I were proud to bring the event to Notre Dame and showcase Mendoza’s high-quality facilities to our peers.”

Jeff Bergstrand Web
Jeff Bergstrand

The semi-annual conference rotates hosting duties predominantly among the universities due to the recognized quality of economics departments in the Midwest. However, academics from across the U.S. and from international universities spanning Asia, Latin America and Europe also attended and presented their research throughout the event. Feedback from the conference may be used to help presenters edit and revise their research before submitting them for publication.

To be selected as a presenter, the organizers' scientific boards (made up of peers with strong academic reputations in their specific fields) considered and selected papers from a wide range of scholars, from Ph.D. students nearing completion of their programs to leading economic theory and international economics scholars.

The conference is presented by the Midwest International Economics Group and the Midwest Economic Theory Group.