Notre Dame 2011-12 Theatre Season Opens Sept. 30

Author: Paul Murphy

Notre Dame's Department of Film, Television, and Theatre presents its 2011-12 season

The University of Notre Dame’s Department of Film, Television, and Theatre (FTT) will present four plays in its 2011-12 season, beginning Friday, September 30, with The Secret in the Wings by Mary Zimmerman.

Directed by Siiri Scott, The Secret in the Wings weaves together a number of fairy tales told through a variety of techniques. Each one cuts off before its conclusion, and then all are neatly resolved into a charming ending that reminds us that they are, after all, just fairy tales. Schedule and ticket information are available here.

Other plays in the season include:

  • Provenance by Anne García-Romero, directed by Kevin Dreyer—The latest play by García-Romero, a Notre Dame Moreau Fellow who describes her work as follows: “When two sisters receive a stolen painting created by their Mexican great-grandfather, the women clash over whether to keep or sell the valuable artwork. Opens Nov. 16. Schedule and Ticket Information
  • Antígona Furiosa by Griselda Gambaro, directed by Anton Juan—This story reshapes and tells Sophocles’ “Antigone,” incorporating the voices of Latin American women. “Antigone is every one of the Madres de Plaza de Mayo who have paid for their disobedience with their lives,” Gambaro said in a 1998 interview. Opens Feb. 23. Schedule and Ticket Information
  • Light Up the Sky by Moss Hart, directed by Jay Paul Skelton—The last play by Pulitzer Prize-winner Hart, this backstage tale takes a jaundiced view of the theatrical archetypes: the arrogant director, the diva leading lady and her acerbic, seen-it-all-before mother, the ambitious producer, the naïve new writer, and, of course, a garrulous parrot. Opens April 17. Schedule and Ticket Information

    Season ticket and single ticket pricing can be found by clicking here or calling the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center ticket office at 574-631-2800.

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