The Arts and Letters Summer Internship Program helps students gain professional experience in a variety of industries around the world.

Recent internships include the U.S. Consulate in Japan, the Supreme Court, Target, Groupon, Goldman Sachs, Smithsonian Institution, Boston Consulting Group, MTV, CNN, the Cannes International Film Festival, British Parliament, U.S. Congress, Catholic Charities USA, RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights, National Geographic, the National Baseball Hall of Fame, and more.

Since it began in 2010, The program has awarded in excess of $600,000 in funding to more than 250 students interning around the world.

To apply for funding assistance, students must first secure an internship. Undergraduate Career Services offers many resources to help students find and apply for internships. Many academic departments in the College also assist majors in securing internships.

Visit The Meruelo Family Center for Career Development to learn about other internship funding options and how to apply for funding. And don't forget to review the College’s internship policy.

Caitlin Logue

“I worked with the marketing team to launch a new product and saw firsthand how a successful business operates. The support I received helped me cover the high costs of living in a European city. I was able to take an unpaid internship and gain a new perspective on the world of international business.”

—Caitlin Logue, Political Science and Spanish Major
Received ALSIP funding to intern at Cyberonics in Brussels, Belgium