Student Opportunities & Resources

The University and the College of Arts & Letters provide substantial resources to promote students’ development and exploration — including for independent research for a senior thesis, studying abroad, and summer internships. Find inspiration from the experiences, contributions and achievements of A&L graduates, and discover how Beyond the Dome and the Meruelo Family Center for Career Development can provide targeted professional development.

Explore these programs to learn about opportunities for transformational independent research, summer internships, study abroad, national fellowships, career preparation, and more.

Student Resources

Emma Ackerley

"I’ve explored my interests and what I wanted to do. I’m not afraid of not being on the most traditional path. Honestly, the things I didn't expect, or anticipate, have been most valuable. They weren't necessarily what I had planned, or what everyone would have done or thought would be the best thing for me. But with the amount of opportunities and experiences available, Notre Dame has been even more valuable than I ever could have expected."

Jasmine Mitchell

"Notre Dame has impacted me by opening doors to the world. Coming to Notre Dame, I didn't know that I was going to study abroad. It was always a dream."

Student Shaking Hands With A Recruiter At The Career Fair

Career Development Resources

Beyond the Dome is the pre-eminent career development program committed to helping College of Arts & Letters students explore a range of potential career paths and achieve lasting career success.

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