College Units

Many faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates in the College of Arts & Letters conduct interdisciplinary research projects with a variety of institutes, centers, and special programs that advance scholarship across the College, the University, and the world. Academic support units offer students and faculty a wide variety of resources and funding opportunities.


  1. Department of Africana Studies

    Department Chair
    Mark Sanders

  2. Department of American Studies

    Department Chair
    Jason Ruiz

  3. Department of Anthropology

    Department Chair
    Lee Gettler

  4. Department of Art, Art History, and Design

    Department Chair
    Scott Shim

  5. Department of Classics

    Department Chair
    Luca Grillo

  6. Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures

    Department Chair
    Xiaoshan Yang

  7. Department of Economics

    Department Chair
    Eric Sims

  8. Department of English

    Department Chair
    Laura Knoppers

  9. Department of Film, Television, and Theatre

    Department Chair
    Pamela Robertson Wojcik

  10. Department of History

    Department Chair
    Elisabeth Köll

  11. Department of Irish Language and Literature

    Department Chair
    Sarah McKibben

  12. Department of Music

    Department Chair
    Berthold Hoeckner

  13. Department of Philosophy

    Department Chair
    Samuel Newlands

  14. Department of Political Science

    Department Chair
    Geoffrey C. Layman

  15. Department of Psychology

    Department Chair
    James Brockmole

  16. Department of Sociology

    Department Chair
    William Carbonaro

  17. Department of Theology

    Department Chair
    Khaled Anatolios

  18. Program of Liberal Studies

    Department Chair
    Julia Marvin


  1. Institute for Latino Studies

    Luis Fraga

  2. Medieval Institute

    Robert M. Conway Director of the Medieval Institute
    Thomas E. Burman


  1. Center for Italian Studies

    Albert J. and Helen M. Ravarino Family Director of Italian and Dante Studies
    Theodore J. Cachey, Jr.

  2. Center for Philosophy of Religion

    Michael Rea

  3. Center for Research Computing

    Jaroslaw Nabrzyski

  4. Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism

    Darren Dochuk and David Lantigua

  5. deNicola Center for Ethics and Culture

    O. Carter Snead

  6. Devers Program in Dante Studies

    Albert J. and Helen M. Ravarino Family Director of Italian and Dante Studies
    Theodore J. Cachey, Jr.

  7. Initiative on Race and Resilience

    Mark Sanders

  8. International Security Center (NDISC)

    Michael Desch

  9. Wilson Sheehan Lab for Economic Opportunities (LEO)

    Michael L. Smith Managing Director
    Heather Reynolds

Special Programs

  1. Creative Computing Group

    William Donaruma

  2. Gender Studies Program

    Barbara Green

  3. Sacred Music at Notre Dame

    Peter Jeffery

  4. Shakespeare at Notre Dame

    Mary Irene Ryan Family Executive Director
    Scott Jackson

  5. University Writing Programs

    Francis O'Malley Program Director
    Patrick Clauss

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Undergraduate Advising

The Office of Undergraduate Studies provides a range of student support services including orientation, advising, and discernment guidance.

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