College Priority Plan

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The College of Arts and Letters is a community of scholars and learners seeking truth and understanding through research, teaching, and creative work. Inspired by Notre Dame’s Catholic identity, we aim to advance knowledge in the liberal arts, foster individual formation, and contribute to the flourishing of local, national, and global communities.


The College of Arts and Letters aspires to be a global leader in scholarship and in the public sphere. In our research and teaching, we take an integrated approach, addressing meaningful questions across academic disciplines. We are committed to providing a distinctive graduate and undergraduate educational experience within a diverse and inclusive community united in a shared sense of purpose.


The Priority Plan for the College of Arts and Letters outlines six primary goals, all of which build on the distinctive foundation of Notre Dame’s Catholic, liberal arts heritage:

Increase the impact of faculty scholarship across fields and disciplines.

  • Enhance support of faculty development.
  • Raise the public visibility of our scholarship and creative work.
  • Enhance the connections between our research and our commitments to serving the public good.

Raise the quality and reputation of our graduate degree programs, making the College a preferred destination for graduate study.

  • Increase resources for graduate education.
  • Improve student recruitment.
  • Improve the graduate student experience in the College.
  • Increase the research excellence of our graduate students.
  • Strengthen student placements.

Innovate our undergraduate Catholic liberal arts education to meet the changing needs of students and society.

  • Sustain the College’s role in delivering an excellent and distinctive Catholic liberal arts education.
  • Foster a culture of innovative program development attuned to current and future curricular needs of students.
  • Develop research and experiential learning opportunities that match students’ evolving interests in core liberal arts disciplines.

Diversify our community and create a culture of inclusiveness among our students, staff, and faculty.

  • Increase hiring of, and support for, diverse faculty and staff.
  • Attract a diverse student body to the College’s majors and programs.
  • Expand academic programs and programming that enhance/promote a culture of inclusiveness.

Expand global research and education to advance the College as an international leader in scholarship.

  • Increase international collaborations.
  • Expand College presence and opportunities at the Global Gateways.
  • Increase international career and networking opportunities.
  • Increase engagement with international students.

Promote scholarship and pedagogy that address meaningful questions & large themes requiring cross-disciplinary collaboration.

  • Identify meaningful questions that the College is well-positioned to address.
  • Develop policies and mechanisms for research collaboration.
  • Create and promote collaborative programming and teaching opportunities.

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