PLS scholars publish two books

Author: Arts and Letters

A married pair of humanities scholars at the University of Notre Dame, Michael and Marian Crowe, have published a pair of very different books.

“Mechanics from Aristotle to Einstein,” by Michael J. Crowe, Rev. John J. Cavanaugh Professor Emeritus in the Humanities in the Program of Liberal Studies, has been published by the Green Lion Press.

“Aiming at Heaven, Getting the Earth: The English Catholic Novel Today,” by his wife, Marian Crowe, visiting scholar in the Program of Liberal Studies, has been published by Lexington Books.

Michael Crowe’s book on mechanics examines the ways philosophers and scientists have for centuries attempted to understand and explain how things move. Describing the evolution of these ideas as “the most remarkable story in all secular history,” he includes and analyzes selections from the writings of Aristotle, Oresme, Descartes, Galileo, Huygens, Newton and Einstein.

Marian Crowe’s book on the Catholic novel includes studies of the works by four contemporary English Roman Catholic novelists whom she considers “among the most talented and original Catholic novelists writing in England today.” Examining critically acclaimed works by Alice Thomas Ellis, David Lodge, Sara Maitland and Piers Paul Read, she argues that the traditionally hardy genre of the English Catholic novel retains its vitality at the beginning of the 21st century.

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Originally published by Michael O. Garvey at on November 07, 2007.