Notre Dame Economist Appointed Senior VP for Federal Reserve

Author: Arts and Letters

Christopher Waller, Gilbert Schaefer Professor of Economics at the University of Notre Dame, has been appointed senior vice president and director of research at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. He will assume his new duties this month and return to Notre Dame after a two-year leave.

Waller’s main duties will be to oversee the research department and advise the bank president on policy. He also will participate in the Federal Open Market Committee meetings in Washington, D.C., which determine monetary policy regarding interest rates.

A member of the Notre Dame faculty since 2003, Waller is an expert on monetary theory, dollarization and the political economy of central banking. He has served as a visiting scholar at the Federal Reserve Banks of St. Louis and Cleveland, Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Central Intelligence Agency, and the Economics Education and Research Consortium. Waller’s research has been published in top economic journals, including American Economic Review , the Journal of Monetary Economics and the Quarterly Journal of Economics .

Originally published by Shannon Chapla at on June 09, 2009.