Narvaez addresses moral education in "Handbook of Child Psychology"

Author: Arts and Letters


Darcia Narvaez, associate professor of psychology at the University of Notre Dame, has co-authored a chapter on character development in children in the “Handbook of Child Psychology,” now in its sixth edition. This is the first time in the book’s 60-year history that character development or moral education has been included.

The definitive reference and classic resource in child development, the “Handbook of Child Psychology” spans the entire field and is updated and revised to reflect new developments.

In the chapter on character education, Narvaez and co-author Dan Lapsley, chair of the educational psychology department at Ball State University, address questions of habits, traits, virtues and reasoning in children.

A Notre Dame faculty member since 2000, Narvaez researches issues of moral development and education and serves as director of Notre Dame’s Center for Ethical Education. She currently is directing the “Good Media Good Kids” project – a rating system developed to measure ethical content in children’s books and films.

Originally published by Susan Guibert at on March 29, 2006.