Hurricane Katrina survivors to perform "Voices of Louisiana"

Author: Arts and Letters


The Evacuation Theatre Troupe, whose seven members each have been affected by Hurricane Katrina, will perform “Voices of Louisiana” at 7p.m. Wednesday (Oct. 11) in Washington Hall at the University of Notre Dame.

Written by New Orleans playwright Barry Lemoine, “Voices of Louisiana” is a production of the non-profit group The Voices Foundation. The 90-minute historical and comical representation of the history, humor and hardships of Louisiana includes original stories from hurricane survivors and highlights the importance of Louisiana in American history, with emphasis on the Louisiana Purchase and the significance of acquiring New Orleans.

The show begins with a comedic journey through the pages of Louisiana history then takes a satirical look at famous people with ties to Louisiana, including authors Truman Capote and Anne Rice, legendary governor Huey Long and celebrities Ellen Degeneres, Richard Simmons, Britney Spears and Emeril Lagasse. Through monologues and vignettes, the show takes a serious look at the recent hardships of New Orleans, then concludes with thanks for the kindness of strangers and highlights of the resiliency of those from the Gulf Coast.

Troupe members include Lemoine, Shannon Gildea, Rose Marie Sand, Christian Bordelon, Edward McGuinness, Tom Hassinger and Katie Betz.

The Voices Foundation seeks to gather stories and histories and present them through theatrical productions and educational programs that are cultural, historic and artistic. The foundation funds the Milton Sand Memorial Scholarship Fund, which isawarded to aspiring theater students in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana.

The event is co-sponsored by Notre Dame’s Multicultural Student Programs and Services, Campus Ministry, Center for Social Concerns, College of Arts and Letters, Sustained Dialogue (a new student club focused on race relations), Department of Film, Television and Theater, Department of Psychology, Psychology Club, and Education, Schooling and Society Minor.

Originally published by Shannon Chapla at on October 09, 2006.