God and Moral Law the Topic of Annual Plantinga Lecture

Author: Arts and Letters

The Center for Philosophy of Religion welcomes Mark C. Murphy, Fr. Joseph T. Durkin, S.J. Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University, to deliver the University of Notre Dame’s eighth annual Plantinga Lecture. The lecture, titled “God and Moral Law,” is scheduled for Friday, Oct. 2, at 3p.m. in the Eck Visitors’ Center Auditorium with a discussion and reception to follow.

The annual lecture, named in honor of renowned Notre Dame philosopher Alvin Plantinga, is sponsored by the center and is open to all Notre Dame students, faculty, and staff.

Murphy, who is now serving as the 2009–10 Plantinga Fellow, focuses his scholarly work on ethics, political philosophy, and philosophy of law. He is particularly concerned with the difference that theism makes both substantively and methodologically to inquiry within those disciplines. Murphy is also the author of three books on the authority of law, moral, divine, and civil— Natural Law and Practical Rationality , An Essay on Divine Authority , and Natural Law in Jurisprudence and Politics —and the textbook Philosophy of Law: The Fundamentals .

For more information, go to http://www.nd.edu/~cprelig/plantinga/index.shtml .

Originally published by Arts and Letters at newsinfo.nd.edu on September 25, 2009.