Getting to know Notre Dame's new faculty

Author: Arts and Letters


Spanning many disciplines and places of origin, the 46 new members of the University of Notre Dame’s teaching and research faculty have one thing in common—each one finds something special about Notre Dame.


Maurizio Albahari
Assistant professor, anthropology

Area of research interest: Migration, transnationalism, urban and national governance, globalization; culture, identity, pluralism and interreligious dialogue; Italy, Europe and the United States
Teaching: Immigration in global perspective; European cultures and societies; fundamentals of social-cultural anthropology
Most recent position: Carey Postdoctoral Fellow, Erasmus Institute, Notre Dame; Visiting research fellow, Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, University of California at San Diego
Education: B.A., Universit Degli Studi di Firenze, Italy; M.A., Ph.D., University of California at Irvine

“I am thrilled to be working in one of the best undergraduate anthropology departments in the nation, with generous interdisciplinary teaching and research opportunities, while contributing to the University’s ecumenical challenge of peace and social justice.”

Lance R. Askildson
Director, Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures

Area of research interest: Second language acquisition pedagogy; computer-assisted language learning and language program administration
Teaching: TBA
Most recent position: Assistant director, University of Arizona Center for English as a Second Language
Education: B.A., University of Minnesota; M.A., Florida State University; Ph.D., University of Arizona

“Notre Dame immediately appealed to me because of its strong tradition of academic excellence, but it was the graciousness of the Notre Dame community that ultimately drove my decision to join the faculty.”

*Virginie Askildson

  • Specialist, foreign language pedagogy

Area of research interest: Foreign language pedagogy, program administration, French linguistics, language teaching materials design and computer-assisted language learning
Teaching: Foreign language teaching methods, second language acquisition
Most recent position: Ph.D. candidate, University of Arizona
Education: Matrise, University Paul Valry, Montpellier (France); M.A., Florida State University; Ph.D., University of Arizona

“I was attracted to Notre Dame by its strong commitment to promote languages and cultural understanding within the College of Arts and Letters. Also, the support given to the professional development of the teaching faculty at Notre Dame, and the funding available for research in the area of pedagogy is impressive. Last but not least, I was delighted to see that Notre Dame nurtures a family-friendly environment.”

Kathleen Sprows Cummings
Assistant professor, American studies

Area of research interest: Women and religion in American history, U.S. Catholicism
Teaching: Gender and American Catholicism, Catholics and the movies
Most recent position: Associate director, Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism (will retain position)
Education: B.A., University of Scranton; M.A., Ph.D., Notre Dame

“The University’s talented students, its reputation as a center for the study of American religious history, its excellent archival and library resources, and its strong commitment to Catholicism make Notre Dame a great place to teach and work.”

*Michael C. Desch

  • Professor, political science

Area of research interest: International relations theory, political theory and international relations, American foreign policy and American national security studies
Teaching: American foreign policy, graduate-level international security seminar, the Peloponnesian War, and intelligence and national security decision making
Most recent position: Robert M. Gates Professor of Intelligence and National Security Decision Making, Bush School of Government and Public Service, Texas A&M University; also Bush School director, Scowcroft Institute of International Affairs and editor-in-chief of Bush School journal “Security Studies”
Education: B.A. Marquette University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Chicago

“Notre Dame is a great Catholic university (with equal emphasis on both the adjectives).”

Krista Duttenhaver
Instructor, Program of Liberal Studies

Area of research interest: 19th- and 20th-century systematic theology with a focus on soteriology and suffering, and political and feminist theology
Teaching: Christian theological tradition
Most recent position: Ph.D.candidate in theology, Notre Dame
Education: A.B., Princeton University; M.A., Claremont School of Theology

“I love the concept of the Program of Liberal Studies, and the kind of research and teaching I do fits well in the interdisciplinary context of the department.”

Patrick Griffin
Madden-Hennebry Professor of History

Area of research interest: Early American history, Early modern Ireland and Britain, Atlantic world, Irish-America
Teaching: Colonial America, Irish America
Most recent position: Associate professor, University of Virginia
Education: B.A., Notre Dame; M.A., Columbia University; Ph.D., Northwestern University

“My wife and I are both Notre Dame grads. I believe that I understand the mission of the University, and I look forward to contributing to that mission. Ultimately, it was Notre Dame’s distinctiveness as a Catholic university of the highest caliber that drew me back home.”

*Mary Ellen Konieczny

  • Assistant professor, sociology

Area of research interest: Sociology of religion, religion and family, religion and American democracy
Teaching: Foundations of social theory, seminar in power and identities
Most recent position: Assistant professor, Concordia University Chicago
Education: B.S., Notre Dame; M.Div., Weston Jesuit School of Theology; Ph.D., University of Chicago

“I chose Notre Dame because of the strength of the faculty and because of the resources available for the study of religion generally, and American Catholicism in particular.”

Jung-Hyuck Lee
Associate Professional specialist, East Asian languages and cultures

Area of research interest: Linguistics, semantics, Korean linguistics, language acquisition, Korean culture
Teaching: Introduction to Korean, Korean Culture
Most recent position: Acting director, Korean language program, University of Chicago
Education: B.A., Hongik University; M.A., Sogang University; Ph.D., University of Chicago

“I believe that I can play a role in establishing a new Korean program and further stabilize the program on a solid foundation.”

Steven Lugauer
Assistant professor, economics and econometrics

Area of research interest: Macroeconomics and labor
Teaching: Econometrics, forecasting
Most recent position: Ph.D. candidate, Carnegie Mellon University
Education: B.A., University of Chicago; MBA, University of Miami (Fla.); M.S., Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University

“Notre Dame has created a first-rate economics department over the past several years. I joined Notre Dame because I want to work alongside the economics and econometrics faculty. I believe that my research and teaching will benefit tremendously.”

Candida R. Moss
Assistant professor, Program of Liberal Studies

Area of research interest: Ancient Christianity, martyrdom, and the New Testament.
Teaching: Christian Theological Tradition, Biblical Interpretation and Great Books Seminars
Most recent position: Ph.D. Candidate, Yale University
Education: B.A., University of Oxford, MAR Yale Divinity School, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Yale University.

“Notre Dame is both a preeminent research institution and the premier Catholic university in the United States. The allure of inquiring, dedicated students combined with a strong tradition of theological inquiry is too great to resist.”

Hildegund Mller
Associate professor, the Classics

Area of research interest: Latin literature from late antiquity and the Middle Ages
Teaching: Introduction to Christian Latin texts; Roman literature and culture
Most recent position: Researcher, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Commission for Editing the Corpus of the Latin Church Fathers (CSEL)
Education: Mag. Phil.; Dr. Phil., University of Vienna; venia docendi (indicates most advanced teaching credentials), classical and Medieval Latin, University of Vienna

“The University offers me the opportunity to combine a varied teaching schedule of courses for both classicists and medievalists with the continuation of my research work in an excellent library and a friendly and congenial personal environment.”

Monika Nalepa
Assistant professor, political science

Area of research interest: Transitional justice institutions, comparative democratic processes, Post-Communist Europe
Teaching: Game theory, politics and institutions, transitions to democracy
Most recent position: Assistant professor, political science, Rice University
Education: B.A., Warsaw University, Poland; M.A., Ph.D. Columbia University

“I spent my childhood in pre-1989 Poland where Catholic schools were forbidden by the Communist authorities. I feel extremely grateful that now I can teach at a University with a Catholic identity.”

*Michael Tzvi Novick

  • Assistant professor, theology

Area of research interest: Rabbinic law and ethics, Hebrew Bible
Teaching: Introduction to Rabbinic literature, Psalms, Jewish Palestinian Aramaic
Most recent position: Ph.D. candidate, Yale University
Education: B.A., J.D., Ph.D., Yale (doctorate expected December 2008); M.A., Yeshiva University.

“Notre Dame takes the notion of religious tradition very seriously and provides an encouraging and supportive environment in which to explore it.”

Atalia Omer
Assistant professor, sociology and the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies

Areas of research interest: The theoretical study of the interrelation between religion and nationalism; religion, nationalism and peace building; the role of national/religious/ethnic diasporas in the dynamics of conflict transformation and peace; multiculturalism as a framework for conflict transformation and as a theory of justice; the role of subaltern narratives in reimagining questions of peace and justice; intra-group dialogue and the hermeneutics of citizenship in ethno-religious national contexts and the symbolic appropriation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in other zones of conflict
Teaching: Religion, culture and peacebuilding.
Most recent position: Newcombe Dissertation Fellow, Ph.D. candidate in religion and society, Harvard University
Education: B.A., University of California at Santa Barbara; MTS, Harvard Divinity School; Ph.D., Harvard University

“The Kroc Institute is an optimal fit for my interests and research, especially the institute’s careful consideration of the role of religion in conflict and peacebuilding. What has attracted me to the Kroc is also what attracts me to the University—it provides an intellectual context where religion may be analyzed respectfully.”

*Jaime Pensado

  • Assistant professor, history

Area of research interest: 20th-century Latin American history
Teaching: Modern Mexican history, Youth in 1960s Latin America
Most recent position: Visiting predoctoral research scholar, Latin American Studies Program, Lehigh University
Education: B.A, M.A., California State University, Los Angeles; M.A., Ph.D., University of Chicago

“One of the many reasons why I decided to join the history department is the extensive relations that the University and the Kellogg Institute have established with scholars and students committed to a broad range of issues related to social and economic justice in Latin America.”

*Yael Prizant

  • Assistant professor, Film, Television, and Theatre

Area of research interest: Cuban and Cuban-American theatre, U.S. Latino/a theater; globalization, exile and identity
Teaching: Script analysis and dramaturgy, University Seminar
Most recent position: Instructor and Ph.D. candidate, University of California at Los Angeles
Education: B.A., University of California at Santa Barbara; MFA, University of Massachusetts at Amherst; Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles

“I chose Notre Dame because of the immense resources available to students and faculty in the arts and the University’s active support of collaboration across academic disciplines.”

Jason Ruiz
Assistant professor, American studies

Area of research interest: U.S.-Mexican cultural relations, critical race theory, popular culture, Latino studies
Teaching: Mixed-Race America, Latino Studies and popular culture
Most recent position: Dissertation fellow, Macalester College
Education: B.A. and Ph.D., University of Minnesota

“Notre Dame is a renowned, research-driven institution that’s still very student-centered. I was equally drawn to the exciting opportunities for scholarly growth that the University provides, and to the intellectual focus of the Department of American Studies. I am also a native of East Chicago, Ind., so am thrilled to be back near my large extended family.”

*Jason A. Springs

  • Assistant professor, sociology, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies

Area of research interest: * The complex interaction of secularization and public religion in modern Europe and North America; ways that democratic theory and practice, human rights and conceptions of toleration can aid processes of conflict transformation, reconciliation and peacebuilding, and help address challenges presented by religious pluralism in modern political and social contexts.
Religion, civil disobedience, and nonviolent resistance, religion, culture and peace studies
Most recent position: Visiting assistant professor, philosophy and religion, American University
Education: B.A., Georgetown College (Ky.); M.A., Baylor University; A.M., Ph.D., Harvard University; M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary

“I chose Notre Dame because its commitment to the study and pursuit of peace and justice in interreligious and international contexts is so central to its institutional mission. I am drawn, as well, to its integrative approach to faith and learning, its engagement from within the Roman Catholic tradition with broader Christian traditions and in conversation with a range of humanistic traditions of inquiry. These features converge to frame precisely the type of context in which I prefer to teach, research and develop as a scholar.”

Ernesto Verdeja
Assistant professor, political science and Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies

Area of research interest: Political violence, justice and reconciliation; contemporary democratic and critical theory
Teaching: Modern genocide
Most recent position: Assistant professor, government, Wesleyan University
Education: B.A., University of Texas at Austin; M.A., Ph.D., New School for Social Research

“I chose Notre Dame because of its strengths in peace studies and political theory.”

Abraham Winitzer
Assistant professor, theology

Area of research interest: * Ancient and Near Eastern languages with a focus in Assyriology; Mesopotamian religion and divination
Elementary and advanced Biblical Hebrew; Akkadian language
Most recent position: Visiting professor of theology, Notre Dame
Education: B.A., M.A., Brandeis University; M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University

“Notre Dame is one of the best places for advanced biblical studies—one of the best in the country—and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.”

Lijuan (Peggy) Wang
Assistant professor, psychology

Area of research interest: Applying statistical methods into understanding and solving psychological and educational questions. Those methods include longitudinal data analysis, mixed-effects modeling, structural equation modeling, and psychological and educational measurement.
Teaching: Experimental psychology, statistics
Most recent position: Research assistant, University of Virginia
Education: B.S., M.S., Renmin University of China; M.A., Ph.D., University of Virginia

“Notre Dame has a very strong quantitative psychology program. The current faculty in the program are all outstanding and very nice. I believe it is the best choice for me to start and develop my career in quantitative psychology!”

*Yanjing Wang

  • Assistant professional specialist, East Asian languages and cultures

Area of research interest: Chinese language pedagogy and technology-assisted language instruction
Teaching: Chinese
Most recent position: Instructor, Department of Modern Languages, DePauw University
Education: B.A., Nanjing University, China; M.A., University of Colorado, Boulder

“I am really excited to teach at this renowned university. My colleagues are outstanding scholars, and I am looking forward to working together with them and contributing to the program.”

Ying (Alison) Cheng
Assistant professor, psychology

Area of research interest: Psychological and educational measurement including theoretical development of item response theory (IRT), and its applications to computerized adaptive testing (CAT); test equity across different ethnicity/gender groups; classification accuracy and consistency with licensure/certification exams such as state graduation exams.
Teaching: Experimental psychology, item response theory
Most recent position: Department of Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Education: B.A., University of Science and Technology of China; M.S., Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“Notre Dame has one of the largest and strongest quantitative psychology programs in the country. It is an honor to be part of the group. The psychology department offers a very warm and collegial environment, and the University, as a whole, is very supportive and helpful in terms of both teaching and research. I do believe this is one of the best places for a junior faculty member to grow and prosper.”


Z. Basar Bilgicer
Assistant professor, chemical and biomolecular engineering

Area of research interest: Design and synthesis of biomolecules that will selectively and specifically target diseased tissue for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.
Teaching: Bioengineering laboratory; introduction to biomolecular engineering
Most recent position: Postdoctoral fellow, Harvard University
Education: B.S., Bogazici University, Istanbul; Ph.D., Tufts University

“Notre Dame is an excellent research university with an outstanding reputation in education. I am looking forward to working with bright, diligent Notre Dame students, and I am very excited to be a part of the wonderful Notre Dame community.”

David B. Go
Assistant professor, aerospace and mechanical engineering

Area of research interest: Micro/nanoscale electrohydrodynamics, fluid dynamics, and energy transport for applications including chemical sensing/analysis and energy conversion
Teaching: Measurements and data analysis
Most recent title: Ph.D. candidate, Purdue University
Education: B.S., Notre Dame; M.S., University of Cincinnati; Ph.D., Purdue University

“As an alumnus and South Bend native, I am very excited and feel very blessed to have the opportunity to return to Notre Dame. The talent level of both the faculty and students is absolutely superb, but more importantly, the atmosphere and collegial environment are what set Notre Dame apart. Notre Dame’s recent commitment to facilities and research only reinforces how the school continues to develop and grow. I look forward to (re)joining the Notre Dame family, and contributing to its rise as the preeminent Catholic research university.”

Kapil Khandelwal
Assistant professor, civil engineering and geological sciences

Area of research interest: Progressive collapse of structures, multi-scale issues in ductile fracture of steels, nonlinear continuum mechanics; materials physics; micro-mechanics and constitutive modeling; probabilistic methods and stochastic models for risk analysis
Teaching: Structural analysis, advanced structural analysis
Most recent position: Ph.D. candidate/research fellow, University of Michigan
Education: B.S., M.S., Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee; Ph.D., University of Michigan

“Notre Dame is a world-renowned institution famous for its high academic and research standards. I believe that, together with the students and other resources at Notre Dame, I will be able to make the world a better place for all.”

Michael Niemier
Assistant professor, computer science and engineering

Area of research interest: Designing, facilitating and evaluating computer architectures to be made with emerging technologies
Teaching: Computer architecture and computing at the nanoscale
Most recent position: Assistant research professor, Notre Dame
Education: B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Notre Dame

“Notre Dame’s Center for Nano Science and Technology is well respected among both academic and industrial researchers alike. Being at Notre Dame gives me countless opportunities to work with outstanding experimentalists to make real progress toward advancing the computational state of the art.”

*James Schmiedeler

  • Associate professor, aerospace and mechanical engineering

Area of research interest: Robotics and the dynamics of human motion: legged robots, robot-assisted rehabilitation, human injury biomechanics and mechanism design
Teaching: Robotics, design
Most recent position: Assistant professor, Ohio State University
Education: B.S., Notre Dame; M.S., Ph.D., Ohio State University

“I chose Notre Dame because of its commitment to be an outstanding research university, and because of its Catholic identity.”

Philippe Sucosky
Assistant professor, aerospace and mechanical engineering

Area of research interest: Cardiovascular mechanobiology, experimental and computational biofluid mechanics
Teaching: Fluid mechanics, cardiovascular fluid mechanics
Most recent position: Postdoctoral fellow, biomedical engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
Education: B.S., Ecole Nationale Suprieure des Arts et Mtiers, Paris, France; M.S., Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology

“Notre Dame offers everything a professor could want to establish and maintain strong teaching and research programs. Reputation, values, tradition, qualified colleagues, quality students and ample resources are the foundations of this great institution. As a new professor in the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, I look forward to becoming part of the Notre Dame community and advancing an already established reputation in the bioengineering field.”

Alexandros Taflanidis
Assistant professor, civil engineering and geological sciences

Area of research interest: Robust stochastic system design, structural control, natural hazard risk mitigation and system reliability
Teaching: Introduction to structural engineering, stochastic systems: analysis, design and model updating
Most recent position: Postdoctoral research fellow, civil and environmental engineering, Duke University
Education: Diploma and M.Sc., Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece; Ph.D., California Institute of Technology

“The ideas and vision of the people of the College of Engineering—and of the Department of Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences—convinced me that this is an excellent institution. Notre Dame offers great opportunities for interdisciplinary research, but at the same time places strong emphasis on undergraduate teaching. I am looking forward to working in such an environment and contributing to the best of my abilities.”


Oleg Borbulevych
Assistant professional specialist, chemistry and biochemistry

Area of research interest: Protein crystallography, structural immunology, biomedical chemistry and computational chemistry
Teaching: N.A.
Most recent position: Postdoctoral fellow, Notre Dame
Education: M.S., Moscow State University; M.S., New Mexico Highlands University; Ph.D., Russian Academy of Science

“Notre Dame is one of the leading schools in chemistry and biochemistry and well known for solid contributions in biomedical and immunology research.”

Gregory P. Crawford
Dean, College of Science; professor, physics

Area of research interest: Soft matter materials, photonic materials, medical devices, displays, nanoscience, magnetic resonance and photonic devices
Most recent position: Dean of Engineering; professor, physics and engineering, Brown University
Education: B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Kent State University

“I was attracted to Notre Dame because of its mission and Catholic character, and the many faculty in the College of Science who study problems for the betterment of society.”

*Kasturi Haldar

  • Julius A. Nieuwland Chair in Biology; director, Center for Rare and Neglected Diseases

Area of research interest: Molecular, cellular and translational studies in rare and neglected diseases
Most recent position: Charles E. and Emma H. Morrison Professor of Pathology, Northwestern University
Education: A.B., Bryn Mawr College; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“I chose Notre Dame because of its commitment to fostering excellence in research and teaching in rare and neglected diseases.”

Kevin Lannon
Assistant professor, physics

Area of research interest: Elementary particle physics
Teaching: General physics, physics C—electricity and magnetism lab
Most recent position: Postdoctoral researcher, Ohio State University
Education: B.A, St. Norbert College; Ph.D., University of Illinois

“Notre Dame provides the opportunity to do world-class research in a very collegial environment while working with some of the brightest students, especially at the undergraduate level.”

Law School

Mark McKenna
Associate professor, law

Area of research interest: Intellectual property, including trademark and copyright law
Teaching: Copyright law, torts, advanced topics in trademark law
Most recent position: Assistant professor, Saint Louis University School of Law
Education: B.A., University of Notre Dame; J.D., University of Virginia School of Law

“I chose Notre Dame for two reasons. First, I was impressed with the quality of the students at the Law School. They are bright and engaged, and that makes them fun to teach. Second, the Law School is poised to build on its strong foundation and to solidify its status among the nation’s elite law schools. I wanted to be part of that.”


*Emily Block

  • Assistant professor, management

Area of research interest: Institutional change, industry self-regulation, legitimacy and reputation
Teaching: Principles of management
Most recent position: Instructor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Education: BBA, Notre Dame; Ph.D., University of Illinois

“Notre Dame provides the perfect balance of teaching, research, collegiality and spirituality.”

Andriy Bodnaruk
Assistant professor, finance

Area of research interest: Empirical corporate finance, portfolio choice, investments
Teaching: TBA
Most recent position: Associate professor, finance, University of Maastricht, the Netherlands
Education: B.Sc., National University of Kiev-Mohyla Academy, Kiev, Ukraine; M.A., EERC Program in Economics (now Kiev School of Economics), Ukraine; Ph.D., Stockholm School of Economics

“I chose Notre Dame because of the quality of research faculty.”

Matthew Cain
Assistant professor, finance

Area of research interest: Corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance
Teaching: Mergers and acquisitions
Most recent position: Visiting faculty, Purdue University
Education: B.S., Grove City College; Ph.D., Purdue University

“I chose Notre Dame because of the opportunity to work alongside world-class researchers and teachers, and to interact with top-notch students. The environment and culture here are unparalleled.”

Kristen Collett-Schmitt
Assistant professional specialist, finance

Area of research interest: Microeconomics, industrial organization, law and economics, economics education and econometrics
Teaching: Managerial economics
Most recent position: Ph.D. candidate, North Carolina State University
Education: B.A., Bellarmine University; M.E., Ph.D., North Carolina State University

“I chose to begin my career at Notre Dame most importantly because of the support that I will have in fulfilling my passion for teaching and learning. I look forward to teaching the best students, working with a world-class faculty, and being a crucial part of the University’s Catholic mission. The opportunity to be a member of the faculty in Mendoza’s Department of Finance, where teaching is truly a priority, is an honor.”

Jeffrey R. Hart
Associate professional specialist, finance

Teaching: Advanced corporate finance, investments
Most recent position: Senior lecturer, finance, Southern Methodist University
Education: BBA, University of Iowa; MBA, Loyola University of Chicago; Ph.D., University of Texas, Arlington

“Notre Dame is truly the only institution that is revered for both its academic quality and reputation and its athletic excellence and tradition. It is a sincere honor and a privilege to become part of Notre Dame, and to teach at one of the best business schools in the country. My family and I could not imagine a better atmosphere for all of us to grow and thrive.”

David Hutchison
Associate professional specialist, finance

Area of research interest: Fixed income markets and valuation, banking, real estate and corporate finance
Teaching: Real estate fundamentals, real estate valuation and investment analysis, real estate capital markets
Most recent position: Assistant professor, finance, Central Michigan University

“I chose Notre Dame for its good intellectual environment; strong, collegial department, great students and resources.”

Kenneth Kelley
Assistant professor, management

Areas of research interest: The development, improvement, and evaluation of quantitative methods, especially as they relate to statistical issues in applied research; optimal design and analysis of research studies.
Teaching: Business statistics
Most recent position: Assistant professor, inquiry methodology; adjunct assistant professor, statistics; statistician, Center for Adolescent and Family Studies, Indiana University-Bloomington
Education: B.A., University of Cincinnati; M.A., Ph.D., Notre Dame

“I fell in love with Notre Dame when I traveled to South Bend to interview for graduate school—a love that was continuously renewed as I completed my graduate studies here. It was my hope one day to return to this special place, which fortunately happened sooner than I could have reasonably expected. My connection with and love for Notre Dame, an appointment in one of the nation’s premier business schools, support to conduct my research, colleagues to collaborate with on interesting topics, and a quality place to raise a family all combined to make joining the Notre Dame faculty an easy decision.”

Michael J. Mannor
Assistant professor, management

Area of research interest: Organizational learning and strategic leadership, with a particular focus on breakthrough knowledge creation and entrepreneurship
Teaching: Principles of management, strategic management
Most recent position: Instructor, Michigan State University
Education: B.S., Aquinas College; MBA, Grand Valley State University; Ph.D., Michigan State University

“I’m excited to join Notre Dame on many levels, personally and professionally, but particularly given the exceptional reputation of Notre Dame’s students, faculty and community. I greatly look forward to working with my new colleagues and students to build on Notre Dame’s remarkable tradition for years to come.”

*John G. Michel

  • Associate professional specialist, management

Area of research interest: Competitive strategy and dynamics, international strategy and strategic human resource management
Teaching: Planning and policy, strategic management
Most recent position: Visiting assistant professor, Notre Dame
Education: B.A., Tulane University; M.S., Ph.D., Columbia University

“This is my second time on the Notre Dame faculty and I am indeed fortunate. I have wonderful, dedicated colleagues and outstanding students who foster a great learning environment. Notre Dame is attractive to me for many reasons, but importantly I love being part of an excellent institution with even greater aspirations.”


Aimee Catrow Buccellato
Assistant professor, architecture
Research: Advancement of the study of building technology and sustainable design
Teaching: Building technology, graduate and undergraduate design studio
Most recent position: Associate, G.P. Schafer Architect, PLLC
Education: B.Arch., Notre Dame; M.Des.S., Graduate School of Design, Harvard University

_"It is a privilege to return to the School of Architecture at Notre Dame, one of the country’s most esteemed undergraduate and graduate schools of architecture."

Originally published by Gail Hinchion Mancini and Carol Bradley at on September 24, 2008.