Gender studies program offers new graduate minor

Author: Arts and Letters


The University of Notre Dame has established a non-degree, credit-bearing graduate minor program in gender studies for master’s degree and doctoral students.

An interdisciplinary academic program in the College of Arts and Letters, gender studies analyzes the significance of gender – and the cognate subjects of sex, sexuality, race, ethnicity, class, religion and nationality – in all areas of human life, especially in the social formation of human identities, practices and institutions.

“Through the program, doctoral students will receive professional training that will make them more attractive candidates for a wider range of tenure-track positions both in their graduate disciplines and in the fields of gender studies and women’s studies,” said Eileen Hunt Botting, director of gender studies at Notre Dame. “Most importantly, participation in this graduate minor program will make terminal master’s degree students and doctoral students more versatile scholars who have the training to become leaders in the study of gender over the course of their academic and other professional careers.”

The minor program will require both master’s and doctoral students to complete nine credit hours of gender studies graduate courses, including the interdisciplinary core graduate seminar, and to participate in the Gender Studies Research Workshop and present a research paper at that forum. Doctoral students will be further required to present a gender-related published article, conference paper or dissertation chapter.

At the undergraduate level, Notre Dame also offers a supplementary major and an interdisciplinary minor in gender studies. At the graduate level, the department offers a year-long teaching fellowship and semester-long teaching assistantships, in addition to the new minor.

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Originally published by Julie Hail Flory at on February 29, 2008.