First-generation college student Karyme Grosso '23, a design major, embraces opportunities to grow academically and personally

Author: Shannon Rooney


Karyme Grosso ’23, originally from Mission, Texas, is a senior design major with a minor in studio art. She learned about the University when her older brother attended, and she was impressed with its breadth of academics and Catholic character. 

“Once I did hear about [Notre Dame] and I learned more about the Catholic values, and the different things that I could study here, I definitely think that it was the right fit for me,” said the first-generation college student. 

Grosso faced some challenges during the application process; it was her responsibility to communicate various requirements to her Spanish-speaking parents, and explain the procedure to them as she progressed through it. 

Once here, Grosso discovered many resources available to first-generation students. Some of the most beneficial, she said, have been the most personal to her, including clubs and organizations for Latino students. 

“For me, the resources that I have found the most helpful on campus have been a lot of the clubs and the communities that surround the Latino students. There’s a variety of ways that you can get involved,” she said. 

Grosso has done just that. She's a member of Ballet Folklórico Azul Y Oro, which celebrates and performs traditional Latin American folk dance. She's also part of the Latino student ministry on campus and has served as a minister at the Latino First Year Retreat. Both have presented her with opportunities to build community. 

And, she's a resident advisor in Breen-Phillips Hall, where she's now a resource for other students.  

Grosso knew for a long time that she wanted to study an art-related subject in college and she found her academic home in the Department of Art, Art History, and Design at Notre Dame. Prior to coming to Notre Dame, Grosso didn't have opportunities to build an art portfolio, and she appreciates being able to choose an art-related major without one. 

Since becoming a design major and studio art minor, Grosso has explored a number of topics that interest her, from painting to package design. 

“The skill and confidence that come from my work and classes have provided me with a wide range of opportunities to further grow academically and personally,” she said. “As I create art and share it with those around me, I am provided with a great support system that provides both feedback and connections with people who may be in the hunt for creative services that I can offer.”

After graduating in May, Grosso seeks to join a creative agency and conduct branding design for an array of clientele.

Check out the video above to learn more about Grosso's Notre Dame experience. 


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Originally published by Shannon Rooney at on January 17, 2023.